Security Event Management

Analyze All Logs

Our integrated security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities go beyond all competitors. The Masergy SIEM+ solution captures and analyzes activity logs from firewalls, host Intrusion Detection/Prevention agents, Microsoft Windows® events, and other syslog-producing devices. What makes SIEM+ different is our ability to provide your company with real-time, sophisticated rules-based analysis, correlation, alerting, monitoring, and reporting. By integrating SIEM+ with both Masergy managed premise and cloud-based firewalls along with industry-standard hardware firewalls, switches, and routers we enable automatic and on-demand blocking of malicious traffic anywhere on your global network.

Our patented behavioral correlation algorithms automatically identify threats before they become liabilities. Our system requires nothing more than limited access to your corporate network to keep your internal asset and threat database up to date. This gets your security threat protection up and running immediately. Instead of spending time implementing and managing SIEM alert correlation rules, save money and time with Masergy fully managed Unified Enterprise Security solutions.

Fully Integrated For Rapid Deployment

Leveraging our fully integrated syslog capabilities, SIEM+ alerts are further correlated by our adaptive behavioral analysis engines with other Masergy Unified Enterprise Security (UES) subsystem data to provide greater context to blended threats. We can install and customize our complete UES solutions, including its SIEM+ features, in a matter of hours.

Customizable Reports

Our extensive policy-based rules processing capability supports custom application logs and fully customizable reports to meet audit or compliance requirements. Each SIEM+ instance supports up to 8 terabytes of storage and/or external archival of data.


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