Masergy Difference

A client experience beyond compare

Delivering on Your Desired Outcomes

Masergy provides a comprehensive client experience that is truly beyond compare. From innovative technologies to acclaimed solution design, from implementation to support, we've laid the groundwork to fulfill the promise and deliver solutions beyond expectations.

A Foundation in Innovation

Masergy’s focused approach to innovation delivers the foundation for the performance and flexibility that define all of our solutions. We understand that every business is unique.  An optimal solution design today must also evolve to meet our customers’ changing business requirements. Our innovations help us deliver solutions that can be easily customized and modified to ensure that our clients are always operating at peak performance. 


Customizable Solutions

Leading companies embrace disruption as a means to be agile and innovative. Masergy designs its solutions around these thought leaders. Our fully customized solutions offer modular deployment that's scalable and flexible, while providing you real-time advanced analytics and complete control to modify your solutions. Our solution engineers work with you to design a system tailored for your unique business needs.

Professionally Project Managed

Great solutions require attention to detail at every stage of implementation. At Masergy, every client is assigned a project management team for the lifetime of the engagement. Professional project management for all solution implementations, activations and ongoing service changes are included with every solution to ensure we deliver your desired outcome.  


Absolute Vigilance

Masergy complements its innovative technologies and customizable solutions with a technical support team made up of expert engineers whose goals are to resolve every issue on first contact. We continuously monitor every solution for every client around-the-clock and proactively notify customers if a problem is encountered. We guarantee it!

World-Class Reputation

Masergy’s reputation for high performance is unparalleled in the industry. Masergy enjoys a 99% customer retention rate and a Satmetrix Net Promoter Score of 61. Year-after-year, Masergy continues to win customer praise and industry awards for top customer service and satisfaction. 


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Machine Learning Brings Insight to Cyber Security

Machine learning is increasingly being used in cyber security to help companies identify risks and anticipate problems before they become overwhelming crises.

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