Masergy Enhances AIOps to Help Companies Improve Cloud Application Performance

With AI and machine learning applied to cloud applications, IT teams can automate management and ensure availability

Avatar for Jody GilliamBy Jody Gilliam|Apr 13, 2021|7:30 am CDT

DALLAS — April 13, 2021Masergy, the software-defined network and cloud platform for the digital enterprise, enhanced its Masergy AIOps feature by applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimize Software as a Service (SaaS) applications on global networks. The advancements help companies of all sizes to more quickly and easily solve the problems of application management while also automating IT processes and preventing performance degradation.

Businesses need enterprise cloud applications to be readily available to their employees no matter where they are, and yet it remains difficult for IT teams to ensure a high-performance user experience. Complex IT infrastructures and multi-cloud environments obscure visibility, requiring AI analytics to effectively identify and solve the root causes of performance degradation.

“Unplanned downtime is still largely due to manual processes and human error. AIOps eliminates these challenges, revolutionizing IT operations,” said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research. “The value of Masergy’s AIOps stems from its ability to evaluate bandwidth usage patterns, identify anomalies, and predict outages all within a fully managed SD-WAN or SASE service. It’s unique because it’s native to the network and security platform, offering prediction and propensity features.”

“Masergy created the industry’s first AI-based network intelligence service that analyzes the network and makes recommendations to enhance reliability. And we remain the only SD-WAN and SASE provider with a fully integrated AI-based network, security, and application optimization solution,” said Terry Traina, CTO, Masergy.

“This is the next innovation and another step forward on Masergy’s path to offering a fully autonomous network,” said Chris MacFarland, CEO, Masergy. “While our clients benefit from the automated analysis and intelligent recommendations of AIOps, Masergy is delivering on the future faster than our competitors. Our AI-powered cloud networking platform is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

“Masergy is a visionary in the arena of SD-WAN and AIOps, and has a clear plan for delivering secure, highly available, self-managed IT and fully autonomous networks,” said Paul Constantine, Executive Vice President of Supplier Services – Digital Distribution at Intelisys. “As Masergy’s largest Master Agent, we are always pursuing opportunities to bring innovative technologies to our sales partner community, and combined with support from our best-in-class sales engineers, we can together provide industry-leading solutions that address the challenges that business leaders face in the evolving distributed work environment.”

AIOps Predictive Intelligence and Proactive Optimization

Masergy AIOps is deeply embedded into the network, security, and application layers and was developed using an unprecedented amount of historic data patterns, leveraging the company’s 20 years of network and security logs. As a result, Masergy is uniquely positioned to provide a more mature AIOps algorithm and therefore the deepest insights for its SD-WAN and SASE solutions.

Because Masergy embedded AIOps into the application layers of its software-defined network, the AI engine now has direct access to more of the data it needs to deliver advanced performance optimization. AI analytics enriched from traffic flows, applications, and log data offer proactive recommendations for application performance. Here are some of the added features and business benefits:

As a built-in feature, Masergy AIOps is included with all SD-WAN and SASE solutions and delivers insights inside the unified management portal, where clients have real-time visibility and control over bandwidth. Masergy AIOps was first released in November 2019 as the industry’s first integrated AI-based, digital assistant for network optimization.

About Masergy

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