Masergy Helps Keep Azzurro HD at Forefront of At-Home TV Broadcast

For more than 10 years, integrated media services company Azzurro HD has relied on Masergy to help create high-performance, broadcast-quality TV studios in basements, living rooms, or anywhere

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DALLAS — August 10, 2021 —  Masergy, the software-defined network and cloud platform for the digital enterprise, today announced that the company’s private network and cloud platform is playing a key role in enabling Azzurro HD’s AzzurroCam to deliver high-quality broadcast signals required for live, on-air interviews created outside of a professional studio. Thanks to Masergy, AzzurroCam systems in the field can transmit high-definition signals backed by industry-leading service level agreements, including 100% in-sequence packet delivery and less than 1 millisecond of jitter. That high performance makes Azzurro HD a trusted partner in the eyes of broadcast clients.

“Masergy gives us the lowest possible latency you can get on the market today, and that’s one of the biggest reasons clients rely on us,” said Azzurro HD CEO Francis Luperella, explaining the criticality of service uptime. “There is very minimal delay, so you can have a long, live TV conversation in high definition. Our business is not about streaming TV shows and it’s not about video conferencing at its best. This is live, real-time TV broadcasting for big-name networks.”

In 2020, TV viewers everywhere got a glimpse into the challenges of remote broadcasting as TV networks were forced to produce shows directly from their homes. Pictures were fuzzy, and split-screen conversations were not always in sync—an experience all too familiar for those using video conferencing tools with home internet services. But when it comes to high-profile, national broadcast, dips in service quality are not tolerated. AzzurroCam, released by Azzurro HD more than 10 years ago, is a self-contained camera system providing TV networks with studio-quality broadcast capabilities from anywhere.

Azzurro can monitor and manage the network service via Masergy’s online management portal. AI-powered applications in the portal provide recommendations and predictions to thwart any performance degradations. The portal also allows Azzurro to control bandwidth in an instant. Meanwhile, Masergy provides overall management of Azzurro’s solution from the network to security, including threat monitoring and response services.

“Masergy has been a part of our company since inception, and we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with all-in-one turnkey service,” explained John Bonaccorso, Vice President of Operations at Azzurro HD. And now that Azzurro is forging the future using ultra-high-definition broadcast, also known as 4K, Masergy will be there to deliver the additional required bandwidth. Added Bonaccorso, “We’re building camera systems that can deliver broadcast-quality 4K video directly from a home studio, so the ability to segregate network traffic on a different tier is key. When we need more throughput and bandwidth, we simply turn it up. The Masergy network is highly responsive.”

When Azzurro is supporting high-profile events, Masergy flags corresponding circuits, delaying any scheduled routine maintenance and automatically escalating issues if they arise. Said Luperella, “That’s the kind of attention you can’t find with big carriers and the reason our events air flawlessly. We will always aim to deliver the most pristine broadcasting service possible, and Masergy is our partner in making that a reality.”

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