Global DataGuard Provides Superior Data Leakage Prevention with Adaptive Behavioral-Based Enterprise UTM (1)

Global DataGuard Provides Superior Data Leakage Prevention with Adaptive Behavioral-Based Enterprise UTM (1)

Enterprise-Class Security Applications Detect, Prevent and Protect Sensitive Corporate Data

Dallas, Texas, May 12, 2008 – Global DataGuard, the premier provider of Enterprise Unified Threat Management for small and medium business to large enterprise environments today announced that it is offering a full suite of behavioral-based security tools designed to prevent data leakage throughout an organization’s enterprise. The company’s technologically advanced family of Enterprise UTM security products for LME, SME and SMB markets fully integrates policy and access management with policy-based blocking and customizable signatures across a comprehensive, adaptive and predictive security architecture to prevent sensitive data from leaving a company’s network environment.

“The continuing proliferation of malware and organized hackers, increasing internal threats and intensified regulatory scrutiny is motivating customers to look for more reliable and cost-effective ways to safeguard high risk data, such as identity-related customer and employee information or intellectual property,” stated Dean A. Trumbull, vice president and chief operating officer for Global DataGuard. “Our Enterprise UTM++ security suite and All-n-One Security Module meet these customer requirements at a fundamental level, ensuring that all of our security applications are working together, sharing information about potential threats and vulnerabilities, and learning and adapting to changes as the network evolves. True security integration is our primary tenet and it’s one of the ways in which we keep our customers’ networking environments secure and aligned with their unique business goals.”

Network Security Innovation Reduces Risk of Data Leakage
With Global DataGuard’s Enterprise UTM products and world-class managed services, customers can easily and efficiently establish information access procedures and policies, set user access privileges, conduct regular account reviews and cost-effectively monitor their corporate security posture while maintaining an acceptable balance between business-essential access for authorized users and uncompromising network security.

The Enterprise UTM security suite’s data leakage prevention capabilities enable customers to track and block the electronic transmission of credit card information and social security numbers across a variety of access points, including but not limited to email and web access. With custom signatures, businesses can identify, monitor, and block the transmission of Personal Account Numbers (PAN), Personal Identification Numbers (PIN), and proprietary data such as engineering plans, manufacturing timetables, customer lists or any data identified as high-risk by an individual company. Organizations can also realize far better performance and service at a substantially reduced cost of ownership – up to 60% over standalone products.

Global DataGuard’s Enterprise UTM++ security suite and All-n-One Security module for Enterprise UTM delivers industry proven, enterprise-class applications, including firewall, antivirus and anti-SPAM protection; a virtual private network and web content filter; IP reputation; intrusion detection and prevention systems; network behavioral analysis (NBA) and correlation; vulnerability scanning; a security event manager for global, network and vendor threats, as well as detected vulnerabilities; and network access control and monitoring – all fully integrated at the architectural level and powered by a behavioral analysis and correlation engine.

No other security solution today can more effectively predict, prevent and block data leakage because no other security suite combines these unique features:

  • Use of raw packet data, providing more data for analysis;
  • Analysis and continued correlation of packet data, along with IDS and IPS alerts, firewall and syslogs, vulnerability scans, access policy violations, asset information, and vendor and global threats that can be tracked over longer periods of time – rolling 14-30 days for raw packet data; up to six months for alerts; and up to two years for behavioral profiles;
  • The ability to factor in human intelligence, allowing for customization of security rules and policies based on a company’s specific business requirements;
  • A learned intelligence capability that can predict behaviors and track developing threats before they harm critical systems; and
  • The ability to adapt and customize itself to the unique requirements of the network over time.

The company’s Enterprise UTM product family also provides for industry compliance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP, NCUA and FISMA standards. From auditing to technology, process and policy, Global DataGuard takes a holistic approach to compliance, ensuring that customers can efficiently achieve and maintain ongoing regulatory compliance within their unique vertical markets.