Masergy Honoured With Editor’s Choice Award from VC Insight Newsletter for the High Quality of Videoconferencing Using its IP Network

Masergy Honoured With Editor’s Choice Award from VC Insight Newsletter for the High Quality of Videoconferencing Using its IP Network

Category: ‘Top Five Best Providers of always-on IP Networks dedicated to Videoconferencing in 2007’

LONDON: 4th February 2008 – Masergy, the global network service provider specialising in simplifying business networks for enterprises, today announced it has been awarded as one of the Top Five Best Providers of always-on IP Networks dedicated to Videoconferencing in 2007. The editor of VC Insight selected Masergy for its ability to provide networks with the highest QoS (Quality of Service) metrics.

Richard Line, the Editor of VC Insight Newsletter commented: “Masergy leverages Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) across an Internet Protocol (IP)-based network to cost- effectively deliver multiple voice, video and data services over a single connection. Customers are attracted by the cost-saving opportunities this creates at the same time as enhancing the QoS of VoIP and Video over IP.”

Tony Hurtado, global marketing manager of Masergy, said: “We are delighted to be recognised for the QoS capabilities that our native MPLS IP backbone allows. This award validates both our network architecture and services as industry-leading.”

Masergy’s video application is specifically engineered to deliver guaranteed HD quality videoconferencing (constant 30 fps, synchronised audio/visual and zero “tiling”) at all times, under all network conditions. Masergy achieves this through the use of multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) IP networks and prioritising network applications according to customer usage patterns. Many companies have only experienced ISDN-based videoconferencing or traditional IP (without QoS) videoconferencing. They do not realise that broadcast quality videoconferencing is available to them. Traditional IP backbones were not designed to handle the demanding performance requirements of high quality videoconferencing. Packet loss, jitter, and out-of-order packet delivery often result in degraded video and audio quality. Historically, this lack of predictable performance has limited the viability of IP transport for real-time videoconferencing. In contrast, the Masergy network ensures that video information packets travel in-sequence and at the highest priority, end-to-end, thereby delivering video-over-IP with guaranteed QoS.

The use of MPLS IP provides customers with higher bandwidth and greater network reliability. To illustrate, a network running over six ISDN channels typically provides only 80% reliability, whereas Masergy’s MPLS IP network provides 99.999% reliability and is far more scalable.

Masergy’s video application is part of its IP MPLS services over Ethernet WAN, converging data, voice and video applications over a single network connection.

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About Masergy

Masergy is a privately held global network service provider specialising in delivering the strongest customer experience in the telecommunications industry. Serving hundreds of customers throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Masergy leverages advanced transport technologies to deliver global Ethernet services across a native MPLS network. The company pioneered customer-controlled network services and the delivery of multiple services over a single network connection. Masergy’s customers include companies from the financial/banking, healthcare, entertainment broadcasting, hospitality/hotels and manufacturing industries. More information is available online at or by calling +44 (0)207 173 6888.