Masergy to Present at MPLS & Ethernet World Congress 2008 on Delivering Global VPLS; 5th- 8th February

Masergy to Present at MPLS & Ethernet World Congress 2008 on Delivering Global VPLS; 5th- 8th February

Case Study on how Masergy is providing Brocade with its Global VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) Solution

LONDON: 16th January, 2008 – Masergy, the global network service provider, today announced that its Chief Technology Officer, Chris Nabinger will deliver a presentation on “Delivering Global VPLS” at the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress 2008, which takes place from 5th- 8th February 2008 at the Marriott Paris Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Centre, France. Nabinger will deliver a joint presentation with Dan Moody, Manager of Voice and Data Networks of Brocade, an international VPLS customer of Masergy, who will provide delegates with end user insight into global VPLS through Brocade’s experiences with the Masergy service.

The talk will examine VPLS, describing the operation and benefits of the technology. Nabinger will delve into the types of enterprises deploying VPLS and why, exploring the limits of VPLS, the benefits of VPLS to the service provider and looking into the future of VPLS and his predictions for 2008. The presentation will be interjected with case examples from Moody, as an end user of the technology. Unlike other ways to deliver Ethernet services to customers, VPLS over IP/MPLS has the advantage of being able to deliver IP VPNs and VPLS using the same network and equipment, it scales well to national or international domains and also allows for bandwidth flexibility and many quality of service options.

“As the first service provider to roll out global VPLS, in 2003, I am pleased to see its increasing take-up around the world over the past year,” said Nabinger. “However, I believe that vendors should be considering global VPLS if it solves real network operation and financial issues for clients, rather than developing and deploying the solution because it is the next buzz word. End users are always looking to simplify their network connections, while optimising transport effectiveness and keeping costs low. For businesses that are globally distributed and want to extend the benefits of the lower costs and simplicity of Ethernet technology throughout their entire network, global VPLS based on IP/MPLS is the solution of choice.”

Masergy’s VPLS allows customers to securely extend their Ethernet local-area network throughout the entire WAN. The offering provides fully-meshed Layer 2 Multipoint connectivity to the customer no matter where they are located and independent of the access technology being used.

Dan Moody, Manager of Voice and Data Networks of Brocade, said: “With over ten years of carefully selecting and experiencing WAN products, I know all of the options available on the market. Given our complex WAN circumstances, with a wide geographic office distribution and multiple and disparate WAN solutions and providers – as a result of acquisitions over the past few years – Masergy’s VPLS was the best solution for Brocade. Masergy provided us with quick network convergence, an easy to manage and scalable solution that was VoIP enabled and less costly than a fully meshed point- to-point solution, with excellent quality of service capabilities between every site and a single point of contact. We now have fewer global WAN management issues and more change in our pockets.”

Nabinger and Moody’s presentation will take place at 10:00am on 8th February. At this year’s MPLS & Ethernet World Congress, the organisers are expecting 1000 participants and 40 exhibitors. Further details of the event can be found here.

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