Masergy’s Global DataGuard Delivers Comprehensive All-n-One Security Module Using Extensible, Behavioral-Based Security Architecture

Masergy’s Global DataGuard Delivers Comprehensive All-n-One Security Module Using Extensible, Behavioral-Based Security Architecture

Leading Enterprise UTM Innovator Breaks Price/Performance Barriers within SMB/SME Market

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Dallas, Texas, November 5, 2007 –  Global DataGuard, the premier provider of Enterprise Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions for small/medium businesses to large enterprises, today announced the All-n-One Security™ module (ASM) for Enterprise Unified Threat Management. The ASM solution is the newest member of the ground-breaking family of Enterprise UTM security products, which delivers fully integrated network behavioral analysis, vulnerability management, threat management, and network access policy monitoring in addition to traditional UTM features such as firewall, antivirus, anti-SPAM, VPN, web content filter, IP reputation, and intrusion prevention systems. As a complete, centrally managed unit that can be offered with managed services or as a native implementation, the All-n-One Security module for Enterprise UTM is the first solution of its kind within the SMB/SME market – providing superior performance, operational ease-of-use and up to a 70% reduction in total cost of ownership over stand-alone security products.

“With the All-n-One Security module for Enterprise UTM, we are responding to an overwhelming customer need in the SMB/SME market for an underlying adaptable architecture that can integrate various disparate security features while, at the same time, leverage a company’s existing and future security investments,” noted Dean A. Trumbull, vice president and chief operating officer for Global DataGuard. “The ASM solution is a continuation of Global DataGuard’s pioneering efforts in network behavioral analysis and is further proof that our Enterprise UTM platform is the best choice for fully integrated, scalable and highly cost-effective network security.”

Fully Integrated Security Technology Meets Existing and Future Needs
Complete with license-enabled upgrade features, the All-n-One Security module for Enterprise UTM offers SMB/SME customers the ability to unify up to twelve industry-proven security applications into a single appliance, including firewall, antivirus and anti-SPAM protection; a virtual private network and web content filter; IP reputation; intrusion prevention systems; network behavioral analysis (NBA) and correlation; vulnerability scanning; a security event manager for global, network and vendor threats, as well as detected vulnerabilities; and network access control and monitoring. In total, these features provide:

  • Intelligent, adaptive information sharing and correlation of detected threats and alerts with detected vulnerabilities between all security applications and appliances;
  • Actionable, root-cause information and long-term context to threats, enabling early warnings of threats that other products cannot see, as well as far fewer false positives;
  • An easy, instant view of prioritized security threats and the underlying data that created them;
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for SMB/SME markets across all continents, alleviating the resource-dependent business risk associated with storing, processing and transmitting critical cardholder data as defined by the PCI Data Security Standard;
  • The ability to maximize IT security staffing with 24/7 Security Risk Management (SRM) Managed Security Services™, as well as the option to purchase the ASM solution as a native implementation; and
  • Unparalleled price/performance leadership for a solution of its kind within the SMB/SME market.

A Complete Solution for Complete Security
The underlying behavioral analysis and correlations features inherent in the ASM solution are based on the Global DataGuard Enterprise UTM architecture. This architecture uses a true behavioral analysis and correlations engine that is predictive in nature and automatically adapts to evolving networks. It provides the ability to retain and correlate suspicious raw packet data for rolling 14-30 days; correlate alerts for up to six months; and maintain behavioral profiles for up to two years. It also provides for non-stop information sharing with and between all security applications, enabling a company’s network security infrastructure to enhance its security capabilities on a continuous basis.

The Enterprise UTM’s ability to use detected threats and alerts with detected vulnerabilities is an unrivaled technological leap-forward within the security marketplace and a key differentiator for Global DataGuard. It enables the Enterprise UTM solution to continuously predict, adapt and respond to changing network threats, thereby providing substantially better service and far greater protection at a lower cost-of-ownership than traditional UTM solutions or stand-alone signature-based products. No other security solution on the market today offers these uniquely integrated features or a more complete security framework capable of solving small, medium and enterprise-wide business needs today – and in the future.

Availability and Pricing
The All-n-One Security module for Enterprise UTM is available immediately and comes in four options (with Firewall, Virtual Private Network, Antivirus, Anti-SPAM, Content Filter, IP Reputation and Intrusion Prevention Systems included). Pricing in the U.S. for all models and license-enabled options is listed below:




N-2500-S Core Module (10/100/1000MB) $ 7,500
N-2501-S 10MB Copper (license enabled) $10,000
N-2510-S 100MB Copper (license enabled) $20,000
N-2520-S 1000MB Copper/Fiber (license enabled) $30,000




V-2500-S Vulnerability Scanner license (VSM) $ 7,500
A-2500-S Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) license $20,000
I-2500-S Threat Management license (requires VSM) $30,000
Z-2500-S Network Access Policy & Monitoring license (requires NBA) $25,000

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