Masergy’s Global DataGuard Named a Finalist in Behavioral Security Category For Global Product Excellence Award

Masergy’s Global DataGuard Named a Finalist in Behavioral Security Category For Global Product Excellence Award

Info Security Products Guide Recognizes Break-Through Behavioral Technology

Dallas, Texas, February 8, 2010 – Global DataGuard®, the premier provider of network behavior analysis-based (NBA) Enterprise Unified Threat Management for small and medium businesses to large enterprise environments, today announced that Info Security Products Guide has named its Enterprise UTM™ product suite a finalist in the behavioral security category for the 2010 Global Product Excellence – Customer Trust award. This prestigious global award recognizes security and IT vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of technologies.

Industry analysts note that solutions providers who incorporate network behavior analysis most effectively will enable their customers to improve protection by predicting and preventing emerging threats before they cause harm, rather than by merely explaining events that have already ensued. In a Research Brief on Network Behavior Analysis: Protecting by Predicting and Preventing, Derek Brink, Vice President and Research Fellow for Aberdeen’s IT Security Division states that “network behavior analysis is especially well-suited for identifying new zero-day exploits and malware for which signatures have not yet been developed. Best-in-Class organizations who utilize network behavior analysis are far more likely to proactively investigate security incidents and threats, monitor privileged users, track suspicious behaviors and prevent data leaks.”

“Global DataGuard is one of the few solutions providers who offers a truly integrated security platform that incorporates network behavior analysis as an enabling technology,” stated Scott Paly, co-founder and chief executive officer for Global DataGuard. “Our intelligent, adaptive,unifiedsecurity architecture helps customers to uncover sophisticated assaults and developing threats before they compromise critical network resources. While other major security vendors are just now adopting this strategy as their ‘call to action,’ we will continue to champion the evolutionary march toward a ubiquitous security platform that can withstand collective attacks from today’s cybercriminals.”

Adaptive, Predictive, Proven
An approved PCI Scanning Vendor, Global DataGuard’s simple-to-install, unified security platform enables industrial-strength security applications to share and correlate massive amounts of data over long periods of time, so customers have visibility into reconnaissance activity and are able to take preventive steps to defend against attacks from today’s cybercriminals. It’s also backed by 24/7 managed or co-managed services that can help any organization cost-effectively allocate internal resources and outsource network security requirements based on a company’s peak management requirements.

Global DataGuard’s Enterprise UTM++™ application suite is available now. A new version of the All-n-One Security Module™ will be available in Q2 2010. Global DataGuard’s Enterprise UTM security suite for cloud and hybrid environments will be generally available in Q1 2010. Custom configurations can be designed and priced based on an orga/managed-security/index.php/productsandservices/all-n-one-security-modulenization’s unique network requirements. Additionally, our customizable security suite, together with managed security services, is available through a 30-day free product and services evaluation to qualified organizations. Companies interested in this ‘no-cost’ trial offer can request additional information by contacting Global DataGuard at 972.980.1444, x226, or by completing a request for information on the Contact Us section of the Global DataGuard web site.

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