Masergy’s Global DataGuard Named a Finalist in Cloud Security Category for IT Industry’s 2012 World’s Best Award

Masergy’s Global DataGuard Named a Finalist in Cloud Security Category for IT Industry’s 2012 World’s Best Award

Unified, Behavior-Based Security Provides Best Defense against Advanced Persistent Threats

Addison, Texas, April 11, 2012 – Global DataGuard, the premier provider of network behavior analysis-based (NBA) Unified Enterprise Security™ (UES) and Unified Enterprise Cloud Security™ (UECS), today announced that Network Products Guide has named its VMware-enabled All-n-One Security Module™ (ASM) a finalist in the Cloud Security category for the 2012 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards. These world leading IT awards honor achievement and recognition in every facet of the IT industry.

In today’s ‘breach of the day’ world, most businesses are choosing to create virtualized data centers on-premise due to continuing security issues raised by cloud computing. “These companies are looking for security vendors who can effectively bridge on-premise and virtualized network environments,” according to Scott Paly, chief executive officer for Global DataGuard. “Our approach is to make unified enterprise-level security ubiquitous for any size customer at a fraction of the price, regardless of where a customer’s applications and data reside – on-premise, in the cloud or in a cloud/on-premise hybrid environment.”

The ASM is the first hardware appliance of its kind that integrates a comprehensive set of VMware-enabled security applications – network behavior analysis, advanced persistent threat (APT) detection, IDS/IPS, vulnerability management, security threat intelligence, security information and event management (SIEM), and network access and policy monitoring – into a single server. The ASM is supported by a complete managed security service infrastructure that includes a unified console and a built-in ticketing system. It can be provisioned to secure public, private, and hybrid cloud environments as well as physical LAN/WAN environments and is capable of unifying security for multi-locational networks.

Unified Security Anywhere
All Global DataGuard products are backed by 24/7 Managed Security and Professional Services that can help any organization effectively outsource network security requirements at a cost that is typically less than one full-time employee. With unified administration, monitoring, and reporting, as well as an integrated network security ticketing system, Global DataGuard’s holistic approach to security provides for the earliest warnings of threats, dramatically reduces false positives, and enables unparalleled management of a company’s total information security environment. The company also offers to customers the CloudCheck Certification Program ™, a vendor-neutral service that enables businesses to ensure their cloud or premise-based/private cloud networks meet stringent government and industry standards pertaining to the confidentiality, integrity and security of sensitive customer data.

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