Masergy’s Network Analyst 2.0 Introduces Active Network Map for Dynamic, Comprehensive Enterprise WAN Visibility at a Glance

Masergy’s Network Analyst 2.0 Introduces Active Network Map for Dynamic, Comprehensive Enterprise WAN Visibility at a Glance

Advanced embedded network management service delivers next-generation monitoring and reporting features for improved business application performance

DALLAS (May 8, 2007) – Masergy, a global service provider specializing in simplifying business networks for enterprises, announced it has released Network Analyst 2.0, featuring the industry’s first Active Network Map for near real-time visual insight into traffic and application performance across the wide-area network (WAN) .

Network Analyst 2.0 delivers the next generation of WAN-embedded management services, including a comprehensive “network dashboard” for unmatched WAN visibility and control. Using a Web-based portal, businesses can view and filter inbound and outbound network traffic by application, protocol, port, IP address and QoS service plane. Upgrades for version 2.0 include traffic sorting by “Top Talkers”-IP address pairs that generate the most traffic.

Additional upgrades to Network Analyst 2.0 include increased control and more granular detail for day-to-day management, troubleshooting and performance analysis across the entire enterprise WAN:

  • Active Network Map – Top 15 Sites Data Exchange View
  • Application profiler
  • Customer-defined site names
  • Enhanced filtering
  • Dropped packet thresholds
  • Configurable applications
  • Printer-friendly reports

The new Active Network Map displays the quantity, quality and content of traffic among the enterprise’s top 15 network sites. The tool visually indicates traffic patterns and direction, bandwidth utilization and recent bandwidth changes in one comprehensive, intuitive view.

From a view of the top 15 sites users can drill-down to the activity of a specific IP address and its traffic with just a few clicks. The main, multi-site view of the Active Network Map updates red- and green-shaded connections between each network node in10-minute cycles, accompanied by a Tree Map, which enables users to immediately spot network traffic patterns and exceptions. A click of the mouse details the inbound or outbound traffic of a particular site, as well as traffic exchanged with other sites and all associated IP addresses for that traffic. For any specific IP address, a detailed graphical display of traffic is revealed.

“Network Analyst 2.0 delivers embedded network services that combine industry-leading capabilities with innovative customer-controlled tools,” said Linda Austin, senior vice president of strategy and product management for Masergy. “These service upgrades demonstrate Masergy’s continued commitment to delivering the strongest network experience to enterprises.”

Introduced in January 2006, Masergy’s Network Analyst was the first WAN- embedded traffic analysis service, giving enterprise networking customers unprecedented visibility into the factors and trends affecting business applications. The scalable management service provides network managers with a granular view of network traffic.

In July 2006, Masergy added threshold alarms with automated visual and e-mail alerts that are triggered by customer-selected application usage levels. Other customizable features include alerts for sustained port usage, sustained voice and video usage, port packet drops and video and voice packet drops.

Demonstrations and sample screen captures for Network Analyst are available by contacting Masergy directly.

About Network Analyst:
Network Analyst is a comprehensive, WAN-embedded traffic analysis service for simplified enterprise network management. Automatically integrated with Masergy VPN solutions, Network Analyst enables near real-time monitoring and reporting of application, bandwidth and data exchange performance. A secure, Web-based portal enables network managers to instantly set threshold alarms, analyze network traffic in granular detail, anticipate and troubleshoot network problems, and generate customized management reports. Scalable and flexible, Network Analyst displays network traffic by individual application, IP address, port, protocol and QoS level. Masergy customers can deploy this service without requiring additional software, hardware, integration or maintenance.

About Masergy:
Masergy is a privately held global network service provider specializing in delivering the strongest customer experience in the telecommunications industry. Serving hundreds of customers throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia,, Masergy leverages advanced transport technologies to deliver global Ethernet services across a native MPLS network. The company pioneered customer-controlled network services and the delivery of multiple services over a single network connection. Masergy’s customers include companies from the financial/banking, healthcare, entertainment broadcasting, hospitality/hotels and manufacturing industries. More information is available online at https://www.masergy.comor by calling +1 866-MASERGY.