Masergy’s Network Analyst Named Leading Lights Best New Service Finalist by Light Reading

Masergy’s Network Analyst Named Leading Lights Best New Service Finalist by Light Reading

Embedded tracking and analysis innovation advances enterprise network control for increased Ethernet WAN efficiency and enhanced customer experience

DALLAS (Nov. 16, 2006) – Masergy, a global service provider specializing in simplifying business networks for enterprises, was named finalist by Light Reading for its successful Network Analyst service with the Leading Lights “Best New Service” for a privately held company.

Established in 2004 as an annual industry awards program recognizing top public and private companies and their executives for their outstanding achievements in the telecommunications industry, the Light Reading Leading Lights awards program presents the “Best New Service” award to a service provider or carrier that has deployed a market-leading, revenue-generating service based on next-generation telecommunications technology.

“We are extremely honored to be a finalist for this prestigious industry award from Light Reading. Network Analyst exemplifies Masergy’s commitment to lead the pack in ensuring that our product solutions deliver real value to our customers and true visibility into the enterprise network environment,” said Barry D. Nalls, president and CEO of Masergy. “Offering our customers a straightforward and cost-effective embedded management service gives them an extra level of insight that puts them in the driver’s seat.”

Network Analyst is a comprehensive, Ethernet-embedded WAN management service for enterprises, capitalizing on existing Masergy MPLS solutions. The Network Analyst service simplifies and tracks application performance and data streams across a company’s entire WAN, the service also provides e-mail alerts when customer specified thresholds are reached.

Scalable and secure, the Network Analyst service gives network managers the flexibility to track applications and packets in real-time, based on individual application, protocol, IP address, port and QoS level. Because the management is embedded in the VPN, the enterprise does not need to worry about any software, hardware, integration, validation or maintenance issues.

Masergy has redefined delivery of enterprise network services in three areas of innovation:

  • Global Ethernet – As the first to create global Ethernet virtual private networks (VPNs), Masergy enabled companies to continue Ethernet LAN connectivity anywhere in the world and introduced the VPLS global virtual private LAN service;
  • Service-embedded network management – In early 2006, Masergy launched Network Analyst, the first and only service-embedded WAN traffic analysis tool created to simplify and optimize enterprise network management;
  • Customer-controlled networking – With Masergy’s Web-based Service Control Center (SCC), enterprise customers remotely control service provisioning, availability and changes in real time.

Masergy’s Network Analyst Named Leading Lights Award Finalist
The company’s technology leadership was previously recognized in 2005 with the Network World “Enterprise All-Star” honor and the Network Magazine Innovation Award for “Most Visionary Data Service” for its global Ethernet service.

Founded in 2000, Masergy has achieved average quarterly revenue growth of more than 30 percent for the past 19 quarters, with annual revenue of nearly $50 million for FY2006 (ended June 30). Since May 2006 the company’s first five years of success has resulted in several regional business awards while achieving profitability in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA).

About Masergy:
Masergy is a privately held global service provider specializing in simplifying business networks for enterprises. Serving customers throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas, Masergy leverages Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) across an Internet Protocol (IP)-based network to cost-effectively deliver multiple services over a single connection. Masergy’s customers include companies from the financial/banking, healthcare, entertainment broadcasting, hospitality/hotels and manufacturing industries. More information is available online at or by calling +1 866-MASERGY.

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