Masergy’s New Intelligent Internet Management Provides Network-Managed Control of Web Applications and Traffic

Masergy’s New Intelligent Internet Management Provides Network-Managed Control of Web Applications and Traffic

Suite of Hosted Services Simplifies Network Security, Optimizes Bandwidth and Reduces Costs for Enterprises on the Masergy Global Network

DALLAS – March 13, 2012 – Masergy today introduced Intelligent Internet Management (IIM), a network-based Internet security and content control solution that provides enterprises on the Masergy global network with detailed application control, proactive Web traffic monitoring and enhanced firewall features.

Internet traffic from non-business related websites can greatly impact an enterprise’s productivity, while service-affecting attacks from malicious code jeopardize security and can shut down a corporate network. Deploying and managing premise-based firewalls creates a significant cost for IT departments, which can no longer isolate the corporate network from the outside world to protect business information.

Masergy’s IIM solution simplifies network security, optimizes bandwidth and reduces costs by embedding the solution in the cloud, while providing easy-to-use hosted services that enhance network visibility and application control.

Intelligent Internet Management offers three centralized applications, including:

  • Application Control-can allow, block or limit bandwidth for individual applications such as YouTube, Facebook and other social sites.
  • Web Security-enhances network protection by proactively blocking access to sites known to host malware and other threats.
  • Network-Based Firewall-uses security appliances embedded in the Masergy network, eliminating the need for an investment in on-premise hardware and software.

“The Internet is an essential part of business communications, but it must be carefully managed. If it is not effectively managed, employee productivity, data integrity and company profitability can be adversely affected,” said John Dumbleton, senior vice president of business development at Masergy. “With Intelligent Internet Management, companies go beyond typical network firewalls to gain more explicit control over application access and Web traffic, while optimizing bandwidth and maximizing application performance.”

Additional features include:

  • Proactive maintenance in Masergy’s POPs to ensure network reliability and security.
  • Simplified ability to add new sites or upgrade bandwidth for added flexibility.
  • Granular filter and application control to easily adapt to changing company needs.

About Masergy
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