Musion Announces First Live Transatlantic Interactive 3-D Hologram Public Broadcast

Musion Announces First Live Transatlantic Interactive 3-D Hologram Public Broadcast

Masergy, Christie, HaiVision, Illusio Technologies and AV Concepts support broadcast at InfoComm09

DALLAS/LONDON (June 8, 2009) – Musion,an exclusive master global licensor for the EyelinerTM telepresence system, today announced the world’s fastest high definition (HD) video public broadcast system will be demonstrated at InfoComm09, June 15-19, 2009, in Orlando, Fla. With the technological support of Masergy, Christie, Illusio Technologies, AV Concepts and HaiVision, the demonstration titled, “Experience a New Dimension: 3-D Holographic Projection,” will transmit live, interactive holograms for the first time from London, Dallas and Montreal.

Musion Systems, the holographic screen projection company behind the virtual images of Sir Richard Branson, cartoon band Gorillaz, Madonna, Al Gore and HRH Prince Charles, in cooperation with Illusio Technologies, will be showcasing its much vaunted life-size 3-D Telepresence (TP) solution. For the first time, a live broadcast of a 3-D hologram will be transmitted across the Atlantic, from London to Orlando, as well as other locations in the U.S. and Canada, for simultaneous transcontinental communication. The showcase-full “rock ‘n’ roll” display stage measuring 20 feet wide and 15 feet high will be housed in Conference Room 304H, located on the third floor of the Orange County Convention Center, on June 17, 18 and 19 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Registered conference attendees can register for the event, which runs every 30 minutes,

“Previously a sci-fi technology limited to Star Trek and Star Wars, 3-D holograms are now a reality and can be used as a tool for live, interactive meetings between speakers and their audiences who are based in different locations,” said James Rock, director of Musion.

Thanks to patented technology from Musion Systems, called Eyeliner, and the combination of the best technology providers in their fields, speakers, appearing as 3-D holograms, are able to see, view and interact with their remote audience, making this an ideal tool for trade show and retail displays, keynote speeches, visitor attractions, lecturers, courtroom witnesses, preachers, musicians, comedians and other forms of entertainment, especially those that require a two-way communication between the speaker and audience.

The Musion show will include the first ever ‘Transatlantic Busk,’ where professional and student artists in London and Montreal will perform music, song, comedy and dance live to the audience in Orlando. Each performance will be followed by a collection hat being passed around for the audience to deposit a token of their appreciation. This is believed to be the first time an artist performing live in one location is financially compensated in real time by a watching audience located remotely. Artists will be paid their busk returns immediately – in line with true busking tradition. Other activities include a daily streaming House of Worship service from Pastor Erik Pattison and a live holographic auction hosted in London with bidders in Orlando.

These technological advancements are only possible through partnering with a combination of the most advanced technology providers in their specific fields:

  • The unique and patented 3-D holographic technology developed by Musion, will be staged by its strategic U.S. reseller, Illusio Technologies, Inc.
  • Display projection will be powered by Christie, combining HD resolution and rich color saturation to enable smaller objects to enlarge to giant size proportions with incredible eye- popping detail. Christie’s Vista Spyder will also be used to process, manipulate and optimize the imagery.
  • Masergy will provide a high-speed global network connection that optimizes the delivery of an HD video signal, for a jitter-free, life-like experience.
  • HaiVision will be supplying the low latency transmission codecs which combine high definition video compression with the lowest latency performance available.
  • AV Concepts, a national rental and staging partner, will manage the technical production.

The two-way signal latency of fewer than 200 milliseconds (2/10ths of a second) is around six times faster than satellite and promises to finally deliver streaming HD video content with the signal immediacy of radio. The 3-D image is created by Musion’s unique HD video image capture processes and patented Eyeliner® Foil apparatus. Smooth motion is on account of Musion’s faster frame rate of 50 interlaced frames per second, which creates the natural image edge blurring necessary for 3-D images to look realistic. This incredible quality is possible because Masergy’s global network was purpose-built to deliver superior video performance at all times and under all network conditions.

Special Note to Attending Media: News media can register by Please include your area of interest (Telepresence or 3-D Holographic Projection) and a preferred date and time.

About Musion:
Musion Systems Limited is a privately owned company and the exclusive master global Licensor for the EyelinerTM telepresence system. Musion Eyeliner is the new and unique high definition video projection system allowing spectacular freeform 3-dimensional moving images to appear within a live stage setting. Eyeliner brings dramatic, previously unseen 21st century video film effects to the live set mediums of stage – Audio Visual conference or trade show presentations, retail displays, large scale out of home digital signage and artistic performances. Musion Eyeliner technology has been used in a variety of applications including lifesize holograms of Madonna (Grammy Awards), Gorillaz animated band (MTV), General Electric GEnx aircraft engine, David Beckham, Cadillac SLS, John McEnroe, Lewis Hamilton, HRH Prince Charles, Nike, Sir Richard Branson and Nokia. More information can be found

About Masergy:
Masergy is a privately held global network service provider that has redefined enterprise wide-area networking by delivering innovative products, advanced capabilities and a superior customer experience. Serving hundreds of customers throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Masergy leverages advanced transport technologies to deliver global Ethernet services across a native MPLS network. The company pioneered customer-controlled network services and the delivery of multiple services over a single network connection. Masergy’s customers include companies from the financial/banking, healthcare, entertainment broadcasting, hospitality/hotels and manufacturing industries. Masergy received the 2008 Nemertes Research Pilot House Awards for Best Overall MPLS Service and Best Overall Customer Experience for Emerging Providers. More information about Masergy is available at

About Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.:
A pioneer in digital projection with a rich 80+ year history of innovation and invention, Christie has established a well-founded reputation based on decades of successful long term partnerships, world-renowned service and support, impeccable quality and revolutionary technology. Christie offers the most complete and innovative display solutions for 3-D, business & corporate presentations, education & training, entertainment & media, government, houses of worship, live events, large venues and simulation. Christie is the AV industry’s most preferred visual technology partner. For more information, please

About HaiVision Network Video:
Based in Montreal, Quebec, and in Chicago, Ill., HaiVision Network Video is a world leader in delivering the most advanced video networking technology and IP video solutions. HaiVision’s products are deployed worldwide within the foremost Fortune 100 companies, in healthcare facilities for video collaboration and training, for education and remote learning, for connecting remote church campuses, and within the world’s leading TelePresence suites. The hai1000 multi- stream codec system is available with the MAKO-HD providing the lowest latency HD H.264network video communications. For more information, please

About Illusio Technologies:
Illusio Technologies Inc., headquartered in NYC, is a US licensee of the Musion EyelinerTM Projection System. Illusio Technologies is a full service 3D holographic marketing company specializing in turnkey solutions for 3D holographic applications, such as trade shows, general sessions, new product launches, and branding events, Illusio has been instrumental in the holographic marketing success of the latest movie debut, “Coraline”, major branding events with Moet and Hennessey, and other corporate clients. Illusio has two 3D holographic theatres to serve its US customers nationwide located in San Diego, California and NYC. For more information, please

About AV Concepts:
An award winning staging and technical services provider, AV Concepts has staged and produced some of the world’s most prestigious US events. Highly regarded in the A/V industry for their technical expertise in the staging and technical production of events, AV Concepts for 22 years, continues its tradition of innovative event solutions. For more information, please