Network security leader Global DataGuard rates high marks in new customer satisfaction survey

Network security leader Global DataGuard rates high marks in new customer satisfaction survey

Customer suggestions already incorporated to improve new products

DALLAS, TX. – February 10th, 2006 – Global DataGuard, the premier provider of Security Risk Management (SRM) solutions for midsize-to-enterprise organizations, today announced the results of a customer satisfaction survey that – while very flattering – has already resulted in improvements to the leading network security solution.

“Getting ’10s’ from some customers was great, but the survey was really about hearing what we could do better – and we’ve already made changes based on some great suggestions,” said Scott Paly, Global DataGuard’s co-founder and CEO. “For example we’ve already simplified and strengthened our reporting. When customers talk to us we act as quickly as possible. In the fight to protect networks, we’re all in it together.”

The surveys, conducted in January, revealed that customers trust and rely on Global DataGuard’s proactive network protection, its ability to streamline compliance and the efficiency of Global DataGuard’s Security Risk Management solution, which also enables organizations to hold the line on staffing.

Global DataGuard’s intelligent, out-of-the-box integrated SRM system includes packet analysis, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, adaptive behavioral analysis, vulnerability scanning, vendor alerts, correlation systems, an asset database and a security dashboard to provide preemptive remediation information.

Global DataGuard has been serving Fortune 2000 companies since 2000. It is increasingly chosen by leading companies that could pick any product/solution on the market, but instead go with the leader in protection, performance and value: Global DataGuard.

What customers said about Global Dataguard’s products and services:

  • “It’s really become quite priceless for us. I wouldn’t feel comfortable at this point doing without them. They have become such an integral part of how we do business.” – Global audit, tax consulting and financial advisory company.
  • “They have provided a lot of value to us in letting us know right away when something suspicious is happening. When they call it lets me get the team into resolution mode before anything impacts the business. That was been pretty significant on a number of occasions. And if we tried to do this ourselves, we’d be spending a lot more.” – National convenience retailer.
  • “With Global DataGuard we can see what tools the bad guys are using to come after us. So now we identify attackers before they cause damage and exclude them at the firewall. As far as compliance, when examiners/auditors come in we tell them and show what we are doing and they go away.” – Regional credit union.
  • “I’d rate you pretty much a 10. What you do for us is great. Everybody I have dealt with has been extremely helpful and the monthly reports are useful. I have nothing bad to say.” – Global information technology and business services company.
  • “I have been very pleased. I am going to give you a 10. You have been extremely responsive and we have had no incidents. You can’t beat that.” – Regional credit union.
  • “I couldn’t ask for anything better. I don’t have to worry about anything unless they call.” –Global insurance company.

Company responds with changes

“We were gratified to see our customers are happy, but the main reason we commissioned this study was to ensure that Global DataGuard continues to exceed customer expectations,” said Paly. “It was a great dialogue, and it continues.”

One change already implemented as a result of customer feedback, Paly said, was to simplify reporting in the Global DataGuard Dashboard so that C-level executives can instantly and easily see whether their organization’s threat status is improving or degrading. Other refinements are on the way.

OnMessage, a Dallas-based marketing firm, conducted the survey for Global DataGuard.