Unified Enterprise Cloud Security Technology Wins Readers Trust Award For ‘Best in Virtual Network Security’ Category

Unified Enterprise Cloud Security Technology Wins Readers Trust Award For ‘Best in Virtual Network Security’ Category

Cloud Guard Security Suite Selected for 2010 Best Products and Services Award

Dallas, Texas, June 28, 2010 – Global DataGuard®, the premier provider of network behavior analysis-based Unified Enterprise Security ™ and Unified Enterprise Cloud Security ™, today announced that Network Products Guide, the industry’s leading information technology research and advisory guide, has named the company’s Cloud Guard™ technology suite a winner of the 2010 Best Products and Services – Readers Trust Award for Virtual Network Security. The Cloud Guard portfolio fully integrates patented network behavior analysis and correlation technology with PCI-enabled intrusion detection; vulnerability scanning and management; log management, analysis and monitoring; network access and policy monitoring, and comprehensive threat management capabilities. It’s also supported by theCloudCheck™ Certification Program , a vendor-neutral service that enables businesses to ensure their cloud or hybrid networks meet stringent government and industry standards pertaining to the confidentiality, integrity and security of sensitive customer data.

According to Rake Narang, editor-in-chief of Network Products Guide, “increased end-user awareness and ongoing advances in technology are helping to shape better products and services. These awards go to the best technology products every year, and we are honored that the Cloud Guard security suite has gained the Network Products Guide Reader Trust.”

“With 75% of enterprise organizations planning for some level of cloud computing within their network infrastructures, it is imperative that security requirements for the cloud parallel security for premise-based environments,” stated Scott Paly, chief executive officer for Global DataGuard. “Regardless of where a customer’s applications and data reside – on-premise, in the cloud or in a cloud/on-premise hybrid environment – our goal is to make unified enterprise-level security ubiquitous for any size customer at a fraction of the price.”

Global DataGuard’s end-to-end security system unifies network security from the ground up. At its foundation is a fully integrated architecture that utilizes patented network behavior analysis as the enabling technology – so security applications can work together, sharing and correlating information across all application subsystems to provide a deeper, historical context to threats and attack reconnaissance. Further, it provides a learned intelligence capability that can predict behaviors and track developing threats more quickly, before they compromise network resources.

These award-winning products and world-class managed and professional services can strengthen any organization’s premise-based, cloud, or cloud/on-premise network defense systems by providing:

  • Virtually unlimited scalability;
  • Full regulatory compliance with industry and government standards, including PCI, NERC CIP, HIPAA and more;
  • 100% passive technology, ensuring zero network latency;
  • Earlier warnings of threats and visibility into reconnaissance activity so that customers can take preventative steps to defend against attacks from today’s cybercriminals;
  • Unified administration, monitoring and reporting with comprehensive compliance reporting, weekly and summary reports, and an integrated network security ticketing system;
  • Customizable, 24/7 Managed Security Services that can be purchased with or without a contract and provide real-time visibility, control and oversight of an organization’s entire security environment – whether it’s premise-based, in the cloud, or a combination of both; and
  • Up to a 60% savings in security-related capital expenditures, training and staffing.

Global DataGuard’s Unified Enterprise Security portfolio includes intrusion detection and prevention; network behavioral analysis and correlation; vulnerability scanning; threat management; network access and policy management; and log management and monitoring. Custom configurations can be designed and priced based on an organization’s unique network requirements. In addition, Global DataGuard’s customizable security suite and managed security services are available through a 30-day free product and services evaluation to qualified organizations. Companies interested in this ‘no-cost’ trial offer may request additional information by contacting Global DataGuard at 972.980.1444, x226, or by completing a request for information on the Contact Us section of the Global DataGuard website.

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