World-class Network Protection Offered by Global DataGuard’s Security Risk Management (SRM) wins 2006 Tomorrow’s Technology Today Award

World-class Network Protection Offered by Global DataGuard’s Security Risk Management (SRM) wins 2006 Tomorrow’s Technology Today Award

SRM technology is so advanced, it required an entirely new award category

DALLAS, TX. – August 24th, 2006 – Global DataGuard, the premier provider of Security Risk Management (SRM) solutions for midsize-to-enterprise organizations, today announced that Info Security Products Guide, a Silicon Valley Communications publication and the world’s leading publication on security-related products and technologies, has named Security Risk Management (SRM) a winner in the 2006 Tomorrow’s Technology Today Award.

This prestigious award recognizes security vendors with advanced, groundbreaking network security solutions that set the bar higher in information security. Global DataGuard’s Security Risk Management solution was selected by the editors of Info Security Products Guide because it is one of the technologies making the most positive impact in today’s challenging attacks environment, while also offering amazing value

About Security Risk Management
Global DataGuard’s fully integrated suite of SRM solutions enable organizations to immediately and economically understand where their networks are vulnerable, who’s trying to attack them and what they can do to prevent network security problems. SRM consists of integrated layers of security technologies combining unmatched risk management: IDS, IPS, behavioral analysis, network access monitoring, event and global threat correlation, vulnerability scanning, vendor alerts, an asset database and a security dashboard. Each layer complements and augments the others, with intelligent behavioral analysis and correlation capabilities comprising the GDG difference. The result is early warnings of threats other solutions cannot see; far fewer false positives; cost savings, more thorough compliance and the ability to manage security solutions with one console.

“What sets the Global DataGuard SRM solution apart – and this is no doubt one of the reasons Info Security chose us – is its integrated nature and the fact that all of our security applications feed and are improved by the adaptive behavioral analysis and correlation engine. This results in better actionable information to be able to prevent attack, easier administration and much lower total cost of ownership.,” said Dean A. Trumbull, COO of Global DataGuard. “It also continually analyzes more data over longer periods, can scale for the largest organizations and becomes a security system unique to every installation.

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“We were extremely impressed by Global DataGuard’s SRM solution,” said Rick Justice, chief technology editor, Info Security Products Guide.. “It’s blends all the best-of-breed technologies into an integrated solution, and we all know integration is key. But the most interesting thing is the proprietary behavioral analysis GDG offers. They call it their “secret sauce,” and from what we can see it’s what sets them apart”.

Trumbull thanked the publication for the recognition – and for recognizing its unique abilities by allowing the creation of a special category for SRM.

“The orders and feedback we’ve been getting from our customers have been validating our technology and solution for some time,” said Trumbull. “But Info Security’s recognition of SRM is further indication that we’re ahead of our competitors in any category you can measure -overall network protection, value, ease of administration and TCO.”

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