Reviews And Testimonials

Listen to Jeff Thomas, VP of IT at MarkLogic, outline how the combination of Masergy Hybrid Networking and Cloud Communications enables him to meet the needs of a fast-growing company at the forefront of the Big Data revolution.

Jeff Thomas, VP of IT at MarkLogic

"I'm most impressed by the ease of implementation and global coverage Masergy Cloud Communications gives our company."

Russel Wong, Global Director of IT

“The stable platform that Masergy has provided for us allows us to focus on what's really important: Our customers.”

Trey Price, Vice President of Carolina Wholesale

"What I would clearly tell my peers of the value of Masergy is the customer experience and the service quality."

"One of the key differentiators that Masergy brings to the table is the flexibility to be able to grow globally."

Brian Long, CIO

"With Masergy, it's more dynamic and real-time. Our network is now so much more scalable and adaptable!"

"As a CIO, I speak highly of Masergy. They provide me direct and innovative solutions around the world."

"We chose Masergy because the visibility and control tools they offer with their global WAN are unprecedented."

Sven Van Montagu, IT Director

"I would recommend Masergy to any company - based on the changes we've experienced in our network and the benefits it has proven, it’s a win!"

"Masergy's global bandwidth on demand has given us the ability to be very agile in our customer delivery."

Chris Odom, Vice President of IT

"Managing complexity in a global infrastructure is not an easy thing to do.  But, Masergy has some great tools to help us with that. Masergy gives us the real-time analysis and tools right from their portal to show us what is going on at any point of time."

"Reliability was our number one concern. When the technology works as perfectly as Masergy’s, our concerns simply fade away!"

Stephen Demmings, Video Conferencing Manager, Cornell University-Queen’s Executive MBA Program

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"Masergy stands up to its reputation of top-notch customer service. We rely on them to seamlessly manage our global networking solutions."

Olin Honoré, Vice President of IT, Hamilton Lane

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“We ran one of the largest managed security service providers in parallel with Masergy and after about 3 weeks, we were more than happy to cancel our contract with the large vendor. Masergy makes all the difference in the world to us." 

"The Masergy Cloud Communications platform provides a unified presence for our distributed workforce. Our employees enjoy increased productivity and streamlined business process integration made possible by Masergy."

Jay Barnett, Founder, Decision Toolbox

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"Working with Masergy has truly been refreshing! We received customized consulting and proactive support."

Patrick O’Sullivan, IT Director, Adept

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"The technical support we get from Masergy is fantastic.  We wanted class of service to match our applications - it was something we could never get right with our incumbant provider - Masergy was able to do it for us."

Matt Patterson, IT Manager

"We selected Masergy’s UCaaS solution for their best-of-breed call platform with advanced features, seamless migration and personalized support."

Ramon Gutierrez, Systems Administrator, Land Home Financial Services.

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"Masergy is a trusted business partner."

Steve Pomush, IT Director, American Homes 4 Rent

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"We took a look at the portal and it was unlike anything I had seen in the marketplace - period.   We can see everything that is traversing our network.  The earth shaker was our ability to dial up and dial down bandwidth."

Kenneth Lawrence, Director of IT



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