Masergy SD-WAN Secure solution brief

Flexibility in network, access, management, and security

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The Masergy SD-WAN difference

A secure, software-defined edge network

  • Global network with 51 secure PoPs in major cities
  • Built using uniform SD-architecture standards
  • Network and security services in one cloud platform

One portal with AI-powered analytics

  • AIOps for automated network analysis
  • Real-time and identity-based analytics
  • On-demand control and shadow IT discovery

Flexible service options

  • Mix and match public and private connectivity from Masergy or a 3rd-party
  • Secure and scalable work from anywhere solutions
  • Co-managed solutions or fully managed services

Multi-cloud connectivity

  • Direct connections to top cloud services and SaaS apps
  • SLA: 100% availability for cloud connections
  • Active-active network configurations for the cloud

Most competitive SLAs

  • 100% availability for SD-WAN sites and cloud connections with proactive credits
  • 100% in-sequence packet delivery and <1 ms of jitter
  • 5 minute service outage notifications

Security built in

  • Fortinet edge devices, integrated firewalls, and firewall as a service
  • Analytics, cloud security, CASB, and more
  • Three tiers of security services include a SASE-based approach

Masergy delivers on the key tenets of Gartner’s SASE model

Security must be intrinsic to the network, and Masergy has been uniting the two IT domains into one service strategy for years. Masergy embeds security into our SD-WAN and private SD-network, meeting the key tenets of Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model. Plus, clients get the freedom to choose from a wide menu of other network and security services.

Solution options

Fully managed services

Alleviate your IT team of the administrative work. With Masergy’s three NOCs and SOCs on three continents, you can be confident that your security responsiveness and network service is the best in the industry. Masergy’s SLAs, Network Promoter Scores, and client retention rates are unrivaled in the industry.

Co-managed solutions

Not everyone is comfortable handing WAN management to a third party. That’s why Masergy gives you the option to retain 100% control over specific aspects of your SD-WAN service. The client portal provides real-time control over applications and security, so you can self-manage configurations and policies.

Over the top

Using an internet-only approach is known as SD-WAN “over the top” (OTT), and Masergy can create an overlay on top of any public or private network, sending encrypted application traffic via IPsec tunnels for security purposes. This is low-cost solution is also ideal for companies locked into network contracts.

Work from anywhere

Extend the advantages of SD-WAN to remote workers at home or on the go. Easily install lightweight Fortinet SD-WAN devices in home offices to enable secure, high-performance access to the corporate network, and leverage software-based solutions to give mobile users secure connectivity anywhere.

One portal with AI-powered analytics built for security, speed, and precision

Control every aspect of your network from a single interface with the Masergy client portal. A customizable dashboard displays your global network, SD-WAN devices, and cloud environments along with important security alerts and analytics.

Masergy AIOps, the industry’s first artificial intelligence-powered network optimization solution, is embedded into every SD-WAN solution to automate your network analysis, predict bandwidth needs, and troubleshoot issues faster than humanly possible.

And with our built-in Shadow IT Discovery and Identity-Based WAN Analytics solutions, you can reduce the risks to your multi-cloud network environment by isolating potential cybersecurity threats down to the specific user and application on your network.

SD-WAN Orchestrator provides absolute transparency and self-service control over your WAN edge devices with application-based routing rules, firewall and network policies, and tools to make changes in real time.

SD-WAN Secure with security built in

It’s never been easier to make security intrinsic to your SD-WAN strategy. Masergy embeds security into SD-WAN with tiered options including next-gen firewalls for superior perimeter protection and 24/7 SOC services that alleviate your team of the monitoring and threat response. Solutions enforce consistent security policy across all SD-WAN devices and deliver security alert metrics within the SD-WAN control portal.

SD-WAN Secure product comparisonUnified Threat ProtectionThreat Monitoring & ResponseManaged Security Services
Next-generation firewall (NGFW) with UTP
Enhanced anti-malware, IDS/IPS, app control, web filtering, and DLP
Built-in AIOps, Shadow IT Discovery, and per-user WAN analytics
Log reporting and alerting
SOC Services: 24/7 monitoring and incident response
Cloud Security: AWS®, Azure®, CASB, Office 365™, 3rd party integration*
Security analytics
Advanced IDS and raw packet capture
Network visibility (flow data)
Endpoint detection and response
Threat intelligence and hunting
Vulnerability scanning and management

*Options for integrating additional security tools into your multi-cloud environment

SD-WAN + Unified Threat Management (UTP)

This service includes:

  • NextGen Firewall with UTP security active across all remote sites
  • Antivirus / Anti-malware
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
  • Web filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Application Control (e.g. IM and P2P)

SD-WAN + Threat Monitoring & Response

This service includes all UTP features listed to the left plus:

  • 24/7 monitoring of UTP security events by certified security experts around the globe
  • Real-time incident response on suspicious events detected by the UTP
  • Real-time firewall integration for threat blocking at all SD-WAN sites
  • Enhanced data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Web filtering and template-driven granular control for thousands of apps
  • Traffic monitoring including “east/west” (site-to-site) connectivity etween all sites with real-time analytics in the client dashboard
  • Consistent security policies enforced across all SD-WAN devices

SD-WAN + Managed Security Services

Get all of Masergy’s security services in this managed detection and response solution:

  • Detection and Response platform
    • SIEM as a Service (log alerting, management, and monitoring)
    • Vulnerability scanning
    • Advanced IDS, anomaly detection, raw packet capture
    • Threat intelligence and threat hunting
    • Network visibility (flow data)
  • Security Analytics: Patented machine learning and behavior analytics
  • Cloud Security: Cloud Workload Protection for AWS®, Azure® and other IaaS/PaaS, CASB for SaaS apps, Microsoft® Office 365™ monitoring, and 3rd party integration for other security tools
  • SOC Services: certified analysts working 24/7, providing both monitoring and incident response

The industry’s most competitive SLAs

SLAs for network uptime are a must-have for a multi-cloud enterprise. Whether your company’s business-critical apps are hosted in private data centers or in the public cloud, if your network is down then you’re instantly losing money. Unmanaged SD-WAN services with an SLA of 99% availability still result in three days and 15 hours of downtime per year. IT leaders who prioritize always-on business continuity aren’t willing to accept that downtime.

Masergy commits to 100% service availability for SD-WAN sites configured for high availability and 100% service availability for direct cloud connections architected for redundancy. Direct interconnections link your network to top cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services®, Microsoft Azure®, and others. Plus, they link you to an ecosystem of SaaS applications such as Microsoft® 365TM, Salesforce®, and more. If there’s ever a service outage, Masergy will notify you within 5 minutes and proactively credit your account when service availability SLAs are not met.

Guaranteed Performance on the Masergy Secure Edge Network


availability for cloud connections


availability for SD-WAN sites


in-sequence packet delivery (Edge-to-Edge)


of jitter (Edge-to-Edge)


notification if a service outage occurs

Proactive Credits on Availability SLAs

Masergy proactively credits clients after a service availability SLA is not met — it's automatic

Why Masergy

Recognized as the pioneer in software-defined networking, Masergy enables unrivaled application performance across the network and the cloud with SD-WAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, and Managed Security solutions.


visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global


average Net Promoter Scores


enterprise customers across 102 countries

pioneering software-defined networking

  • Innovative, secure global platform
  • Unrivaled application performance
  • Embedded cloud solutions
  • Unparalleled customer experience


Build a network capable of supporting a growth plan to double the size of the company


  • 40% cost savings
  • 30% more bandwidth