Managed Security

Managed detection and response for smarter enterprise cybersecurity

Threats aren’t going anywhere. But neither are we.

With cloud migration, hybrid computing environments, and more sophisticated attacks, the current threat landscape calls for a disciplined and dynamic approach to security that moves beyond prevention and perimeter strategies. Enterprises today require broader cybersecurity coverage that encompasses continuous monitoring, rapid incident response, and proactive threat hunting for all environments.

Pioneering threat detection and response 20+ years ago, Masergy offers a comprehensive and scalable approach to security that includes technology, analytics, mature incident response, and a global team of certified security analysts—all working together.

Gartner and Forrester have recognized Masergy for Managed Detection and Response and Managed Security Services.

Detection and response platform

Increase threat awareness with a clearer, correlated picture of your security status. Whether your IT infrastructure is onprem or cloud, Masergy ingests more direct and third-party threat data for wider coverage that distills millions of alerts down to a manageable amount. You don’t have to buy or re-buy the security tools you already have. Simply pick and choose the technologies that complement your existing investments. Our fully managed security operations center (SOC) services will take care of the rest with 24/7 incident response services.

Network security

You can’t secure what you can’t see. With network visibility tools and advanced technologies, Masergy captures and aggregates statistical data for real-time and retrospective detection.

Key technologies
  •  SIEM as a Service (log alerting, management, and monitoring)
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Advanced IDS/IPS, anomaly detection, raw packet capture
  • Threat intelligence and threat hunting
  • Network visibility (flow data)

Cloud security

Masergy has the tools and realtime monitoring services you need to leverage the cloud with total confidence. Now you can protect and monitor your multi-cloud environment 24/7.

Key technologies
  • SaaS Monitoring: Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) powered by Forcepoint
  • IaaS Monitoring: Cloud Workload Protection
  • O365 Monitoring: Microsoft® Office 365™ security monitoring
  • 3rd Party Integration: integrate additional security tools

Endpoint security

Quickly identify and stop endpoint attacks before they become major incidents. Masergy’s managed service brings you advanced endpoint detection and response services.

Key technologies
  • Advanced agent technology quickly identifies malicious activity
  • 24/7 monitoring and response services ensure effective immediate action
  • Expert security analysts assist clients with remediation
  • Optional threat hunting services proactively manage threats in high-risk environments

Security analytics engine

Harness the power of patented behavioral analytics and security analytics to turn billions of raw data events into a manageable number of actionable alerts.

  • Alerts are ingested from cloud, on premise, and third-party tools, per your needs
  • Threat data is reconciled against Masergy’s global threat intelligence database
  • Prioritized alerts help SOC analysts understand what’s real and what’s urgent

Simple portal for alert visibility and posture tracking

Masergy’s portal visualizes flow data for accelerated evaluation and response. Plus it lists prioritized cloud and on-prem threats, outlining next steps to improve your security posture. With one portal, you can track your risk posture at every network entry point and endpoint.

  • Total alert visibility
  • Next-step recommendations
  • Incident response workflows
  • Risk posture trackingt

SOC services

Security incidents are much easier to stop when detected early and followed by swift action. Masergy’s 24/7 SOC service includes certified security analysts who monitor all alerts collectively, quarantine files, and fully execute response plans.

  • 3 full-time global SOCs triaging alerts in real-time
  • 100+ certified security analysts experienced in hybrid cloud models
  • Best practices based on 20+ years of infosec experience
  • Seamless ticketing integration to unify processes
  • Customized reporting, metrics, and dashboards
  • Dedicated threat hunting
  • Integrated Threat Intelligence (TI) services

Security consulting

Security is an ever-expanding job, and Masergy stands ready to help you tackle the landscape of responsibilities. From designing a security strategy to analyzing your operations and enhancing compliance, Masergy has your risk management covered. Need help with the remediation work too? Don’t worry, we have a global team of tenured pros to help.

  • Vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, social engineering, and app security
  • Risk management and security improvement strategies
  • Security policy and compliance programs

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr


  • Needed an expanded team to more effectively fight security threats


  • Accelerated incident response time
  • Gained productivity with fewer false-positive alerts
  • Cost-effectively added certified security analysts

“CISOs who don’t know Masergy will learn that it checks all the boxes. You get the right combination of security-analytics-based threat detection technology and a response team of certified security analysts working around the clock.”

Ralph Hopkins
Head of IT at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr



  • Protecting customer financial data while offering online credit solutions


  • 100% visibility into global threats
  • 24/7 monitoring by certified security experts
  • Saves 20 hours per week in firewall management

“Without Masergy, I would have to add 3-4 more staffers to maintain a 24/7 rotation on security threat monitoring.”

Jim Desmond
CSO at Elevate