Masergy Customer Portal

Comprehensive real-time analytics and service control for network, UCaaS, and security-enhanced with AIOps

Analyze, manage, and optimize your company’s digital environment

Everyone who manages a network wants a “single pane of glass” admin portal. A holistic view of every endpoint on the corporate network, all enterprise applications in both the cloud and on-prem, usage stats from the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) system—and do all of that while enabling the ability to manage, secure, and optimize their network environments in real-time.

Masergy delivers that single pane of glass with our customer portal. Masergy embedded a layer of real-time analytics and service control features directly into our global software-defined network. Combined with our proprietary artificial intelligence technology, the Masergy customer portal provides a holistic view and orchestration of our clients’ global SD-WAN endpoints, voice and video stats for Masergy UCaaS deployments, and security alerts for every site and user.

  • Centralize global management for networking and security
  • Reduce support calls/costs with AI
  • Visualize end-to-end app performance

The powerful administration features in the Masergy customer portal adapts to the role of the user. Create customizable dashboards based on the needs of an IT administrator, a network architect, or CIO with instant control and reporting at your fingertips. With Masergy’s AI-enhanced customer portal, you get comprehensive self-service features around visibility and service control to optimize your digital business

Get maximum insights with on-demand service controls

Imagine not having to toggle between multiple dashboards to determine if your application is performing, your network is secure, or your bandwidth is optimized. Masergy gives you one management portal for end-to-end visibility and control. Our ability to provide deep analytics with real-time orchestration over all your SD-WAN and UCaaS services comes from our unique layer of technology embedded directly into our global software-defined network.

Delivering AI-enhanced analytics for SD-WAN deployments, cloud applications, UCaaS, and cybersecurity from the Masergy customer portal provides the unified view IT professionals need to make datadriven decisions. No matter where you’re working— from an office, at home, or on the go—the Masergy customer portal with AIOps provides unmatched agility to administer your corporate WAN from any desktop or mobile device. As long as you can get to the internet, Masergy ensures you’ll have a secure portal to manage your IT infrastructure in the digital age.

Masergy AIOps enhances IT agility

Embedded into the software-defined fabric of our global network, Masergy AIOps is the industry’s first AI-based network intelligence service. Masergy AIOps will transform network management and application performance as we know it today.

We build AIOps into our customer portal as a standard feature of any Masergy managed networking solution. Think of Masergy AIOps as your company’s dedicated virtual network engineer—a trusted advisor working 24/7 to proactively optimize your global network. Masergy AIOps analyzes how the network, application performance, and security are impacted by different events including various configurations. And thanks to our twenty years of network usage data fed into our proprietary machine learning algorithms, Masergy AIOps can find and detect network anomalies faster than any human network engineer.

Masergy AIOps is a game changer for enterprise IT and is your path to a truly autonomous corporate network.

AIOps use cases

  • Detect conflicting IP address configurations and suggest immediate fixes with just one click
  • Predict network performance and suggest optimizations based on preconfigured threshold templates or customize to your business needs
  • Analyze most-used enterprise cloud apps to isolate potential issues then suggest network policies based on propensity
  • Track the real-time quality of experience ratings (QoE) for apps per site at a glance from a customizable dashboard

Customize dashboards for any role

The analytics needed by an IT manager are much different than what’s needed by a network architect, cybersecurity professional, or CIO. By default, the Masergy customer portal dashboard provides a scannable view of typically used networking stats, but you can create multiple dashboard views based on the job role of the authorized user of the portal.

Keep informed with push notifications

Modern offices are wherever you choose to work. Whether you work at a desk in an operations center or on the couch at home with your laptop, Masergy analytics and service controls are always available. Set up alerts triggered by a wide range of activities on your network. The Masergy portal uses our AIOps to deliver instant notifications via email or text.

Why Masergy

Recognized as the pioneer in software-defined networking, Masergy enables unrivaled application performance across the network and the cloud with SD-WAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, and Managed Security solutions.

20+ Years pioneering software-defined networking

  • Innovative, secure global platform
  • Unrivaled application performance
  • Embedded cloud solutions
  • Unparalleled customer experience

“The value of Masergy’s AIOps stems from its ability to evaluate bandwidth usage patterns, identify anomalies, and predict outages all within a fully managed SD-WAN or SASE service. It’s unique because it’s native to the network and security platform, offering prediction and propensity features.”

Zeus Kerravala
Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research