The Power to Perform.
The Simplicity to Succeed.

At Masergy, we understand that helping you meet your biggest challenges comes down to two things: performance and flexibility. We measure our performance by how we architect, implement, secure and manage your solutions. And we deliver unparalleled flexibility via our innovative solutions delivered over our Software Defined Network Platform.

Whether you're seeking to seamlessly connect your global locations, optimize your application environments, build the workplace of the future or secure your corporate assets, our proven solutions -- and the dedicated people behind them -- enable the kind of performance and simplicity needed to power your transition to Software Defined IT.





You’ve never seen global networking solutions like this before.
Intelligent Connectivity

Ultra high performance
Fully Managed
Unlimited Virtual Environments

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Network as a Service
Network as
a Service

Secure, agile access
Automated provisioning
Fully managed

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Service Control

Forensic Visibility
Mobile App
Global bandwidth on demand

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Managed Network Functions
Network Functions

Fully Managed
Proactive monitoring

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Real protection for today's advanced threat landscape
Enterprise Security

Machine Learning
Big Data Analytics
Continuous Monitoring

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Fully Managed
Integrated with UES

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Fully Managed
Integrated with UES

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Professional Services

Audits and Testing
Risk Management

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Simply Connect to experience real productivity

Productivity Applications
Guaranteed Performance
Infinitely Scalable

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SIP Trunking

Advanced Features
UCaaS Integration
Trunk Pooling

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Global Coverage

Global Office
Global DID
Global Gateway

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Advanced Analytics
and Control

Real-time Performance
Unlimited Endpoints
Cloud Based App

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Video Collaboration Enhances Workforce Productivity

Cloud-based video conferencing options are on the rise as a key enabler of workplace productivity.

Masergy's Software Defined Network Control mobile application allows real-time control of your network infrastructure - even from the beach!

Service Control

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