Advanced Managed Security

Predictive. Correlated. Unified


You’re Under Attack.
But You Knew That, Right?

Enterprise networks are complex and constantly evolving.  More connected devices running more applications makes the environment even more target rich.  Increasingly, information security has become a big data problem.

Today’s advanced attacks evade discrete best-of-breed security products, often going undetected for long periods of time.

Odds are your network has already been breached and you don’t even know it. But how could that be?

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Defense Defense in Depth is Not Enough

Today’s advanced exploits evolve rapidly and are specifically designed to avoid detection. Signature-based solutions can only protect you from 2% of known exploits. And adding layers of advanced discrete security products that fail to effectively share and correlate data generates huge alert volumes that quickly overwhelm IT teams.

A perimeter-focused security strategy simply can’t keep up. Besides, your employees walk right past your perimeter everyday with laptops, tablets and mobile devices they connect directly to your network interior.


It’s Time to Change the Rules of the Game The Game

Because traditional security approaches just can’t compete in this battle, winning means changing the rules of the game with Masergy Unified Enterprise Security™ (UES) and Professional Services.

Unified Enterprise Security

Advanced Threat Management

Continuous Monitoring by Experts

Patented Machine Learning Algorithms and Big Data Analytics

Integrated Perimeter Security Solutions

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Professional Services

Comprehensive 360° Living Security Audits

ŸRegulatory Compliance Testing

ŸIntensive Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

ŸSophisticated Risk Management

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Man and MachineCombining the Best
of Man and Machine


Our advanced managed security solutions use patented behavioral analysis to recognize normal network behavior, and big-data analytics to correlate all threat information enterprise-wide. And we fortify them with continuous human monitoring to “tune” the system, always making it smarter and reducing false alarms.

The result? Seeing abnormalities lets us predict, detect and defend against threats before they cause harm. And UES spans all network environments, fully integrating with existing technologies to provide comprehensive, plug-and-play security from the perimeter to the cloud.


Detect Predict Defend


Real protection for today's advanced threat landscape
Unified Enterprise Security
Enterprise Security

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Managed Firewall

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Professional Services

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Innovating at the Intersection of People and Technology

From our pioneering work on software-defined networks and virtualizing key network functions to the development of our adaptive network behavior-based security architecture, we pride ourselves on a heritage of automating technology to preserve and extend human and technical resources. Learn more about our patented adaptive network behavior-based security architecture.

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Talk To An Expert


How Employee Behavior Impacts Cyber Security

Many IT organizations focus on security solutions without making a corresponding investment in the human side of cyber breaches and vulnerabilities.

Listen to Jim Desmond, CISO of Elevate talk about why his company chose Masergy's Advanced Managed Security solutions.


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