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Masergy provides support for Standard and Enhanced call centers, allowing business agents to receive incoming calls from a central phone number. Using this service, a business can establish technical assistance lines, customer support numbers, or order-taking centers. Multiple call centers can be supported per business. Incoming calls to a call center are presented to the next available agent.

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The Call Center service builds on the basic Hunt Group service to provide a complete, business-ready application. Hence, call centers inherit all of the characteristics of the Hunt Group service and are also provided with sophisticated call-handling features like queuing, Music on Hold, and so on. For a complete description of Hunt Group service features and characteristics, refer to the (Hunt Group Page Link). Provisioning interfaces are available to support a call center supervisor client. The Call Center Reporting service is used to assign or unassign the supervisors, who supervise agents and the server to which call center activity data is to be sent. A supervisor can be a member of the group or enterprise and can be assigned to more than one Call Center. A supervisor then selects the agents to be supervised. The following sub-sections describe the additional features provided by the Call Center service.

Masergy expands the capabilities of legacy call centers by allowing call center agents to be geographically distributed. Therefore agents can attend call center calls from home, a satellite office, or any other location served by Masergy in a transparent fashion. Masergy Call Center service functionality can be combined with other Masergy Call Completion services to ensure that all incoming calls are serviced expeditiously under any network condition and at anytime.

  • Voice mail - If there are no agents to handle an incoming call or the call goes unanswered for a specified amount of time, the call can be forwarded to a call center voice mailbox.
  • Night service - Calls received after-hours or on non-business days receive a service menu of options allowing a caller to leave a voice message or transfer to an emergency number.
  • Multiple call distribution policies - Incoming calls are handled according to the selected policy, which include uniform call distribution, linear hunt group, circular hunt group, simultaneous ringing, weighted, and no- answer. For more information on distribution policies, refer to (Hunt Group Page Link).
  • Call queuing - When all call center agents are busy, incoming calls can be queued until they can be presented to an available agent.
  • Queue escape - Callers who are queued can press a key to be sent directly to the call center voice mailbox instead of waiting for an available agent.
  • Overflow - When a call center cannot accept any more calls, incoming calls can be forwarded to an overflow phone number or another queue.
  • Statistics - Statistics are generated for each call center and each agent in the call centers, and can be viewed by the group administrator via the web portal and/or periodically dispatched to a configurable destination.
  • Service integration - Any Masergy personal service can be assigned to a call center phone number to customize the call center group. This includes services such as Call Forwarding, Call Notification, Call Screening, and Voice Messaging.
  • Queue flushing - When all agents in the call center group log out, queued calls are automatically sent to the call center group voice mailbox.
  • Outlook contact integration - vCards from the agent's Outlook or Exchange contact database pop up for incoming calls.
  • Agent log in/log off- Agents can log in and out from the group so that calls are only presented to agents who are on duty.
  • Screen pop-ups - Incoming calls pop up on a web screen showing information associated with the incoming call.
  • Configurable Music On Hold - The queued callers are provided with an initial greeting, followed by music or advertisements and periodic comfort announcements. All announcements can be played in audio or video format, based on the call center profile and the capabilities of the caller's end point. The maximum recording length for Music on Hold for Call Center is 5 minutes.
  • Third-Party Call Center Clients - This feature enables the development of third party call center clients that use the Call Center functionality on the Masergy platform. The third-party call center clients use the Masergy Open Client Interface (OCI) to communicate with Masergy.
  • Call Center Support Supervisor Client - This feature provides support for the supervisor PC client.
  • Call Center Reporting - This feature is used to assign or unassign the supervisors who supervise agents as well as identify the server to which call center activity data is to be sent.

The group administrator configures call centers through the group web portal. The Call Center maximum recording length is 5 minutes. The Call Center Music on Hold maximum recording length is also five minutes. Through the configuration pages, the administrator can set users who should be part of the call center and configure the following (in order).

  • Phone number of the call center
  • Queue length
  • Hunting policy (circular, regular, simultaneous, uniform)
  • No-answer policy (applied in overlay of the other policy)
  • Statistics dispatch, sampling period, and destination
  • Phone number and extension
  • Queue greeting, comfort tone, and Music On Hold
  • Delay between comfort tones
  • Agent's ability to log in and out of the call center

The administrator can also consult the call center daily statistics that provide the following information:

  • Current number of calls in queue
  • Number of incoming calls to the group
  • Number of calls queued for today
  • Number of busy overflows for today
  • Number of calls answered for today
  • Average time spent with an agent
  • Average time a call spent in the queue
  • Number of calls processed by each agent

These statistics are provided for the current day and previous day. With Call Center Enhanced you can see up to the previous two years of statistics.

Call Center Reporting and Support for Express Agent and Supervisor Clients

This feature provides provisioning interfaces necessary to support third-party call center supervisor and agent clients. Masergy supports call center supervisor Client and call center Express Agent as well as the Call Center Reporting service.

Call Center Reporting

The Call Center Reporting service is assigned to a call center. This service allows any member of a group or enterprise to be designated as a supervisor for a call center in that group. The number of supervisors a call center can be associated with is not restricted.

Masergy Call Center Supervisor Client

The Masergy Call Center Supervisor Client can be assigned to any user to enable that user to supervise agents for one or more call centers. A user can be a supervisor for multiple call centers. The supervisor is also considered to have Masergy Agent capabilities. Once assigned this service allows the user to select which members of a call center the user supervisors. The supervisor can choose any member of a call center to supervise including an agent also serving as a supervisor. (See guide under User Features.)


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