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Global Office delivers a complete in-country telephony experience for UCaaS and Intelligent SIP trunking with inbound DID/DDI and outbound termination capabilities. With Global Office deployments, enterprises benefit from in-country DID/DDI origination and termination at each of their domestic or international locations while preserving the ability to use abbreviated dialing plans to call extensions at any of their global locations. Masergy current delivers Global Office deployments in 19 countries with additional countries added regularly.

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Hosted IP telephones deployed in each country conform to the local dialing rules. A Global Office phone deployed in Japan sounds and operates like any other local phone service in Japan, while a phone deployed in the Netherlands, for the same customer, will sound and operate as expected by a Netherlands US resident, thereby providing the user with a locally consistent experience.


Masergy will provide new DID/DDI numbers as required. Moreover, Masergy may port existing DID/DDI numbers from an existing carrier in accordance with that country’s regulations and restrictions. However, portability of each DID/DDI within a country must be evaluated and prequalified by Masergy.

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