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Masergy receptionist is a web-based application enabling a user to monitor a configurable set of users in the enterprise business group. This service provides critical call detail and group member status for effective attendant call routing. Entirely web based, this service surpasses legacy PBX consoles, and seamlessly combines with Masergy applications such as Auto Attendant, for enhanced attendant solutions. Functionality is distributed across three components to optimize attendant performance.

The Attendant Console is used to:

  • View members' information: status, name, number, extension, department, e-mail, mobile, pager, and title. The attendant can select which column to display and in which order.
  • View call details (remote name, number, and duration)
  • Click-to-dial/Transfer
  • Multi-character jump in list and filtering capabilities

An IP phone is used to

  • Answer
  • Transfer (Blind and Consulted)
  • Hold/Retrieve
  • Release
  • Provide directory assistance, and web pop-ups.
  • Integrate with Outlook contacts, and send calls to voice mail.
    Combining these components, allows attendants to view call details and initiate transfers in a several ways to accommodate a variety of user preferences.
  • Single click to connect to a user's mobile phone.

You can view several directories from inside The Receptionist Software:

  • Group Directory
  • Phone Status Monitoring (or Monitored Contacts)
  • Custom Contact Directories
  • Outlook Contacts
  • Personal Directory
  • Speed Dials
  • Single click to connect to a user's mobile phone.


How to

The receptionist can set up a list of a few contacts (under web portal>>Client Applications>>Broadworks Receptionist Enterprise, also known as Phone Status Monitoring). You can also view the entire list of all numbers in your group. You can search by last name, sort by first name, etc. If the receptionist is also responsible for other tasks using her computer, we recommend a second monitor one for the receptionist and one for the other tasks. We also recommend a headset if you wish to take full advantage of the features such as a click to answer. The alternative is also very easy, by picking up the handset to answer calls.

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