User Bundles and Features

Feature Rich Cloud Unified Communications User Bundles.

Our inherently scalable UCaaS solutions deliver a wide range of enterprise-class User Features packaged to meet your unique business needs. Individual users can be organized into groups and gain additional functionality with Group FeaturesWe’ve intentionally only packaged specific features into our User Packages leaving many features as optional to maximize your ability to customize your Masergy UCaaS solution and avoid paying for unnecessary features. Our optional features are highly cost effective, ensuring that even fully optioned User Packages are competitively priced.

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Explore our Full Bundles and Features for a complete comparison of ALL User Bundles, Features and Group Features.



Optional User Features

Voice Mail With Unified Messaging


IM and Presence Client


Web Collaboration


Auto Attendant


Call Recording


Business Process Integration (MSO/SFDC, ETC)


Call Center Client


HD Phone Rental Option


Receptionist Client


eFax Line





Explore our Full Bundles and Features for a complete comparison of ALL User Bundles, Features and Group Features.

Full Bundles and Features List






Call Accountingcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Client Call Controlcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Call Parkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Call Pickup (*98)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Call Waitingcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Calling Line ID Blocking (Outgoing)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Calling Line ID Delivery (Outgoing)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Direct inward-outward dialingcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Extension dialingcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
External Calling Line ID Deliverycheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Internal Calling Line ID Deliverycheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Music on hold (user)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Personal Web Portalcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Phone Status Monitoringcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Polycom Phone Servicescheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Third-Party Voice Mail Support (user)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Voice Portal (user)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Park Orbits or Automatic Hold/Retrieve     check
Anonymous Call Rejectioncheckcheckcheckcheck 
Automatic Callbackcheckcheckcheckcheck 
Barge-in Exemptcheckcheckcheckcheck 
Call Forwarding Alwayscheckcheckcheckcheck 
Call Forwarding Busycheckcheckcheckcheck 
Call Forwarding No Answercheckcheckcheckcheck 
Call Forwarding Not Reachablecheckcheckcheckcheck 
Call Returncheckcheckcheckcheck 
Call Transfercheckcheckcheckcheck 
Do Not Disturbcheckcheckcheckcheck 
Hoteling Guestcheckcheckcheckcheck 
Last Number Redialcheckcheckcheckcheck 
Speed Dial 100checkcheckcheckcheck 
Speed Dial 8checkcheckcheckcheck 
Three-Way Callcheckcheckcheckcheck 
Shared Call Appearance (Simple)checkcheckcheck  
Masergy Anywherecheckcheck   
Remote Officecheckcheck   
Sequential Ringingcheckcheck   
Shared Call Appearance (MCA)checkcheck   
Simultaneous Ringcheckcheck   
Two-Stage Dialingcheckcheck   
Busy Lamp Fieldcheck check  
Hoteling Hostcheck check  
Push to Talkcheck check  
Six-Way Callingcheck check  
Alternate Numberscheck check  
Call Forwarding Selectivecheck check  
Call Notifycheck check  
Directed Call Pickupcheck check  
Directed Call Pickup with Barge-incheck check  
Priority Alertcheck check  
Selective Call Acceptancecheck check  
Selective Call Rejectioncheck check  

Optional Features

Telephony Toolbar     
Masergy Receptionist Client     
Masergy Unity Client     
Masergy Communicator     
Masergy Collaborator     
Call Centers     
Call Center Queue     
Call Center Agent     
Call Center Supervisor And Agent     
Call Recording     
Masergy Fax Solution     
Fax To Email     
Third-Party Voice Mail Support      
Voice Portal     
Voicemail to Email     
Voicemail Transcription     
Voicemail Transcription (Machine Only)     
Voicemail Transcription (Human Assisted)     

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