Anonymous Call Rejection


Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to reject calls from callers who have blocked the display of their number. Only deliberate anonymous numbers are rejected. Callers whose numbers are unavailable are not rejected. Callers that are rejected are informed that you are not accepting calls from unidentified callers. Your phone does not ring and you do not receive any indication that they called. However, this does not apply to calls within your group.

Anonymous Call Rejection enables users to instruct Masergy to reject incoming call attempts from callers not within the same group, who have blocked their identity (phone number and name) to the user, with a calling identity delivery blocking service. When this service is active, the user receives no alerting indication for external calls from callers with their identities blocked. Instead, the caller is connected to an announcement stating that the user does not accept calls with the caller's identity blocked.


How to

The user configures this service through the Masergy web portal, by logging into , click on "Incoming Calls" and "Anonymous Call Rejection" Tab, you can turn on or off, then click apply. The service can be activated (block anonymous calls) and deactivated (allow anonymous calls). The default state for Anonymous Rejection is "Off".

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