Call Return


This service enables a user to call the last party that called, whether or not the call was answered. To call back the last party that called, the user dials a feature access code (FAC). The system stores the number of the last party that called and attempts to connect the user to that party.

Call Return allows the user to call the last party that called by dialing *69 on the user's device or Call Control Software. Call Return can be used for calling back answered and unanswered calls, as long as the calling number is available to Masergy. If the calling number is available, the last calling party is called as if the user dialed this number directly. If the calling number is not available, the user is played an error announcement.

A call originated with Call Return is subject to all user services and restrictions. However, when a user tries to use Call Return on a call with the caller ID blocked, the user is played an error announcement.

The Call Return service can be used through all Call Control Software. To do so, the user simply enters the Call Return feature access code in the Masergy Unity Client, the Telephony Toolbar or any software. This results in holding the current call and originating a call to the last calling number if the user was already active on a call or it goes off hook automatically depending on settings.


How to

Feature Access Codes - Simply dial *69 to callback the last number that called you.

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