Music On Hold (User)


This feature enables users to enable or disable Music On Hold on either a per-call or persistent basis by using a feature access code or the web portal.

Music On Hold user configuration allows a user to turn on or off music for held and parked calls by the user when the group has enabled the Music on Hold for held and parked calls. This configuration is not applicable to users within a call center. The user can configure this via the web portal and also turn it off per call with a feature access code. Using the web portal, the user can configure this via a Music on Hold configuration user page, which is available as a link on the User Call Control page. If Music on Hold is turned off, then callers will hear silence for calls that are held and parked. If Music on Hold is turned on, then callers will hear for calls that are held and parked, (assuming Music on Hold is enabled for held and parked calls for the group). The user configuration is on by default when the user is created, or when the service is assigned to the group. A feature access code (FAC) called Music on Hold Per-Call Deactivation is available. The FAC is *60.

A user can turn off music for all held or parked calls prior to dialing a call or when a call is in progress. It can be turned off prior to a call by dialing the FAC before dialing the outgoing telephone number. When the user dials the FAC, the user is provided with a confirmation tone followed by dial tone after which the user dials the outgoing telephone number. It can be turned off when a call is in progress by flashing the switch hook and then dialing the FAC. After the FAC is dialed, the system provides a confirmation tone followed by the dial tone. The user can now flash back to the active call. Music will be turned off for all user sessions until the user who initiated the FAC is disconnected. Once the call is disconnected the Music on Hold configuration will be returned to the persistent state.


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