Service Packs


This activity introduces the concept of packages of user services that can be assigned as a service package. The Service Packs feature allows you to choose packs of group and user services that can be assigned according to their usefulness. Service packs are managed by Masergy. Service packs are billed automatically when added. Service packs are designed to support different variations to meet your needs. The following service packs configurations are supported:

  • Executive User
  • Mobility User
  • Power User
  • Business User
  • Utility User
  • Basic DID
  • Enhanced DID


How to

Group administrators can assign and un-assign user packs to and from users in the web portal. The users' available services are the superset of all the services in the packs assigned. When a pack is un-assigned, that service is no longer available to the user and the user loses any configuration data associated with it. The service pack is treated as a unit and cannot be broken or redistributed.

For further details on Service Pack User features please see the Masergy User Feature Guide.

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