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Masergy Telephony Toolbar or the Enterprise Assistant is a call control client that can be used in both Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. Call control clients including the Telephony Toolbar provide an alternative to using the handset of the phone to launch a call but this is not a phone itself but simply a call control client. You may dial numbers, use Outlook contacts, View call history lists, transfer calls and allow you to change Masergy preferences. The Telephony Toolbar works with Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


The toolbar provides

  • Click-to-dial - Enables a user to dial an entered number, dial from a phone list or Outlook, or redial the last called number.
  • Answer - Enables a user to answer a waiting call while already engaged in a call or to retrieve a held call.
  • Hold/Retrieve - Enables a user to place an existing call on hold and then retrieve the call to resume conversation.
  • Release - Enables a user to disconnect a call that has been answered.
  • Transfer - Enables a user to redirect a ringing, active, or held call to another destination or directly to voice mail.
  • Conference - Enables a user to connect two existing calls into a three-way conference.
  • Forced off-hook support - Enables a user to Dial and Answer with a single click on the Telephony Toolbar by connecting to the phone in hands-free mode.


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