Voicemail To Email


Voicemail service enables users to record messages from callers for all calls that are not answered within a specified number of rings, or for calls that receive a busy condition. The maximum number of rings for the No-Answer timer is 20.  Voicemail to Email allows you to receive notification of new voice messages and also to receive a copy in your Email.


How to

There are many ways to setup up voice messaging. The most popular ones are discussed here.
Masergy messaging provides all of the features of a traditional voice messaging solution, plus:

  • Message delivery to any specified e-mail account
  • Message waiting notification delivered to the phone and to any specified mail or short message service (SMS) account (for example, cell phone via text messaging)
  • Integration of the messaging capabilities with Masergy services (Call Back, Transfer, CommPilot Express, escape to extension, voice portal, and so on)
  • Integration of hybrid messaging systems within an enterprise
  • Administrator and user self-management through a web interface

By default you are setup to get messaging on Unified Communications. This means you'll get messages over the phone. If you ONLY want messages in your email you can change it to forward, but we recommend you call customer service to understand all your options.

You have three more options:
Notify, Carbon Copy and Zero Options:

  • Notify option sends you an email message only.
    • Check the box and enter a valid email address. Click OK or Apply.
  • The carbon copy option sends you an email with an attached .wav file voice mail message. You can set your voicemail system to send you an email when you get a message.
    • Check the box and enter a valid email address. Click OK or Apply.
  • If you want anyone calling into your voicemail to have the option to dial zero and being transferred to another telephone number, you must set up that option.
    • Check the bottom box labeled "Transfer on '0' to Phone Number:"
    • Enter the phone number that you wish the calls to forward to.
    • Click OK or Apply.

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