Global Cloud Networking

Agile. Programmable. Secure.

Don't Settle for rigid networking solutions


Your network should complement your cloud strategy. Masergy’s ubiquitous global Software Defined Network Platform delivers programmable hybrid networks custom fit to your unique business needs and application requirements.

Our Intelligent Connectivity offers ultra-high performance, guaranteed service levels and software-defined network control to connect your corporate offices and data centers.

Our Network as a Service provides turnkey solutions for efficiently connecting remote locations directly to your global platform.

Our Cloud Marketplace enables direct, private and secure connectivity to leading Cloud providers


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Global Cloud Networking Diagram
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Design IconCustomizable By Design

Masergy’s fully-managed network solutions are 100% customizable and modular by design, providing unparalleled flexibility. Customization is easy with unlimited virtual private networks and multiple services at no additional cost. We help you design and configure your network to meet your unique requirements – today and into the future.

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Forensic VisibilityForensic Visibility and Real-Time Control

Masergy's patented software-defined control and advanced analytics are seamlessly integrated into your network services. Intelligent Network Analyst delivers real-time forensic visibility into global network performance. Intelligent Service Control enables modification of services and bandwidth on the fly. These control features put you in control — anywhere, any time and from any device.

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ProtectionAdvanced Threat Protection

Security is on everybody’s mind — from the CISO to the board of directors. We believe that security should be integrated into your network from the start. Our Unified Enterprise Security solutions deliver real advanced threat protection with patented adaptive behavioral analytics, machine learning, and continuous monitoring from our team of security experts.

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ManagementPremise. Virtualized. Cloud.

Masergy’s family of fully managed, distributed network functions provides the flexibility to deliver essential network functions via three fully integrated deployment platforms. Mix and match platforms to deliver the right solution to the right location at the right time.

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Intelligent Connectivity

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Network as a Service
Network as
a Service

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Service Control

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Managed Network Functions
Network Functions

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Talk To An Expert


Software Defined Now or Later?

Software defined networking is a popular concept gaining acceptance across the information technology industry.

Patrick Tisdale, CIO of McKenna Long & Aldridge law firm talks about his company’s need for a high-performance and secure global network.

McKenna Long & Aldridge

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