Advanced Analytics

Performance is Paramount

When you are running a global network, you need real time control and visibility into your complete network fabric. Masergy provides unmatched network and application intelligence for enterprise IT environments. Our state-of-the-art Intelligent Network Analyst and Intelligent Service Control tools arm IT professionals with advanced capabilities to monitor and analyze network traffic, application bottlenecks and make needed changes to critical infrastructure.


Sophisticated Network and Application Analysis in Real‑time

Masergy’s Intelligent Network Analyst gives you flexible tools to track your network traffic and application performance in a variety of ways. View and filter traffic by application, port, protocol, IP address and QoS service plane – or view “Top-Talkers,” which identifies the IP address pairs that generate the most traffic.

Software Defined Network Control

Masergy's award-winning Intelligent Service Control (ISC) enables complete interaction with Masergy services in real time from anywhere in the world on any connected device. Learn More


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Advanced Analytics


Always Available Always Available

Simply activate the service and start viewing network traffic and application performance across your wide-area network (WAN) in real time. This software as a service application delivers predictive analysis with granular reporting without expensive on-premise probes.

Global Visibility Global Visibility

Masergy Network Analyst has an industry-unique Active Network Map that displays the exchange of network traffic between your top sites. You can identify traffic patterns, flow direction, bandwidth utilization and recent changes across your global network in a single, comprehensive display.

Talk To An Expert


Machine Learning Brings Insight to Cyber Security

Machine learning is increasingly being used in cyber security to help companies identify risks and anticipate problems before they become overwhelming crises.

Patrick Tisdale, CIO of McKenna Long & Aldridge law firm talks about his company’s need for a high-performance and secure global network.

McKenna Long & Aldridge

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