Service Control

Software-Defined Network Control

Masergy's award-winning Intelligent Service Control (ISC) enables complete interaction with Masergy services in real-time from anywhere in the world on any connected device.

ISC's global on-demand network elasticity and control is an industry-unique feature providing instant bandwidth that can be dialed up or down to meet any application need. You can increase or decrease port size and service planes in real-time from your web portal or mobile app. Customers only pay for the extra bandwidth used—and for the specified period of time in use.

Service Control




Real-Time Flexibility for Enterprises

ISC's on-demand dynamic bandwidth enables efficient data back up or replication, disaster recovery and business continuity, unplanned high definition video conferencing calls, software updates or cloud computing resource allocation. ISC gives enterprise networks the real-time flexibility needed to keep the most demanding applications running smoothly.

Sophisticated Network and Application Analysis in Real Time

Masergy’s Intelligent Network Analyst gives you flexible tools to forensically track your network traffic and application performance. View and filter traffic by application, port, protocol, IP address and QoS service plane – or view “Top-Talkers.” Customizable by design, our cloud-based application delivers unparalleled visibility into your network. Learn More


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Apps for Anywhere, Anytime Control


Masergy ISC, our mobile application, is an industry first that enables IT professionals to administer and control their network infrastructure from anywhere in the world in real-time using a smartphone or tablet. Modify bandwidth in real-time, submit new trouble tickets, check the status of open tickets and view planned maintenance that could impact business performance. The ISC app offers rich web portal functionality with the convenience of a mobile device.

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Video Collaboration Enhances Workforce Productivity

Cloud-based video conferencing options are on the rise as a key enabler of workplace productivity.

Patrick Tisdale, CIO of McKenna Long & Aldridge law firm talks about his company’s need for a high-performance and secure global network.

McKenna Long & Aldridge

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