Hybrid Networking

Agile. Programmable. Secure.

Don't Settle for Rigid Networking Solutions

Your network is the central nervous system of your business. Getting it right most of the time is not an option. Traditional networking solutions are rigid, hard to manage, and lack visibility and control.  SD-WAN over broadband connections is compelling for some use cases, but fails as a stand alone solution for complex enterprise environments.  

Bottom line It's not a zero sum game. In order to achieve price-performance optimization, you need the right technologies working seamlessly together.




One Platform, Unlimited Flexibility

Masergy's global Software Defined Platform powers hybrid network solutions with an embedded layer of intelligent analytics and service control. We’ve made it easy to design, deploy, manage, and modify your global network.

Simply Connect™ to our global platform via any combination of Intelligent ConnectivityNetwork as a Service, and Managed Broadband.

Once connected, customize your network with unlimited virtual network environments and direct private extensions into leading public cloud providers via the Masergy Cloud Marketplace.

And with our suite of fully managed network functions including SD-WAN, you can mix and match premise, cloud and virtualized deployment models to fully optimize your environment.

Hybrid Networking Product Sheet


Access Masergy’s global Software Defined Platform via any combination of Intelligent Connectivity, Network as a Service, and Managed Broadband.  Mix and match ultra-high performance with guaranteed service levels with secure, tunneled connections and managed broadband.  All options can work together to deliver optimal designs for your business today and into the future.   

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Customize your global network with unlimited virtual private networking environments including MPLS, VPLS, VPWS, and Internet Plus, all at no additional cost.  Logically separate production networks from DevOp environment and employee Internet access from guest WiFi access.  Leverage our family of fully Managed Network Functions, including SD-WAN, for additional sophistication and performance.

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Masergy’s family of fully managed, distributed network functions provides the flexibility to deliver essential network functions via three fully integrated deployment platforms. Chose from Routers, Firewalls, eSBCs, SD-WAN, WAN Encryption, and WAN Acceleration.  Mix and match premise, cloud, and virtualized platforms to deliver the right solution to the right location at the right time.

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Masergy's patented analytics and service control are seamlessly integrated into your network services. Intelligent Network Analyst delivers real-time forensic visibility into global network performance. Intelligent Service Control enables modification of services and bandwidth on the fly. These control features put you in control — anywhere, any time and from any device.

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Hybrid Networking

You've Never Seen Hybrid Networking Solutions Like This Before

Connectivity Options

Intelligent Connectivity
Network as a Service
Managed Broadband

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Virtualized Environments

Unlimited Virtual Networks
Multi-service, Multi-layer
Customizable by Design

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Managed Network Functions
Network Functions

Fully Managed
Proactive Monitoring

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Service Control
Analytics And
Service Control

Forensic Visibility
Mobile App
Global Bandwidth on Demand

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