WAN Encryption

Secure Your Data Over All Networks

Enterprises sending highly sensitive data over public or private networks need the strength and flexibility of a fully managed encryption solution. Masergy Managed WAN Encryption provides strong end-to-end security and offers centralized management of real-time strong encryption over the entire network. Our solution can be delivered as a virtualized managed network function or as secure hardware appliances.

Protection for In-Flight Data

Most WAN encryption products only protect data “at rest” -- the digital assets on servers inside a private WAN. Some products can encrypt email communications and file attachments “in flight” sent over public networks. With Masergy Managed WAN Encryption, enterprises get the most advanced encryption available for all data traffic whether it’s at rest or in flight.


Agile, Flexible and Strong

Managed WAN Encryption permits enterprises to offload WAN connectivity from dedicated WAN services to the Internet on per-application basis while maintaining full security control over keys and policies. Gain the flexibility of encrypting data at Layers 2, 3, or 4 along with AES-256 strong encryption standards and centralized re-keying.

Peace of Mind

IT departments spend too much time and effort managing a mix of IPsec tunnels, SSL configurations, fragmented application-layer controls and complex configurations for every router and switch. Masergy provides key management services, and generates encryption keys associated with specific customer policies. Best of all, Masergy provides a single point of control for real-time strong data encryption with 24/7 live support for all Managed WAN Encryption solutions.



One size does not fit all. Mix and match solutions across our multiple deployment platforms to optimize your network architecture by location, application environment, and budget.



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