Patented Security Platform Overview

The Next Generation Platform for Unified Enterprise Security

Masergy's Unified Enterprise Security™ platform leverages patented machine learning and big data analytics to deliver on the promise of a truly integrated, advanced threat management solution for enterprises.


Masergy's intelligent, turnkey UES platform integrates packet analysis, intrusion detection and prevention, adaptive behavioral analysis, vulnerability scanning, threat intelligence feeds, information asset maps, and a security dashboard – all of which work together to provide highly effective managed detection and response.

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"Masergy's patented security platform identifies where you’re vulnerable, who’s trying to attack you, and how they’re doing it to stop threats before they cause material harm."

Explore our comprehensive advanced managed security solution, Unified Enterprise Security™.

Masergy's Unified Enterprise Security™ (UES) fulfills the promise of a truly integrated advanced threat-management solution, delivering an enterprise security capability unlike any other.

APT Management

Advanced analysis and machine learning detects advanced persistent threats before they cause material harm.

Network Behavioral Analysis

1200+ algorithms continuously learn normal network behaviors and correlate all sub-system data to identify abnormal behaviors.

Integrated Vulnerability Management

Unlimited vulnerability scanning which automatically correlates results with IDS/IPS to ensure signatures for known vulnerabilities are applied.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

24/7 deep-packet network traffic inspection and tunable signatures designed to thwart advanced attacks.

Threat Intelligence Dashboard

Single pane of glass view into security posture, prioritized threat data, and remediation instructions.

Unified Cloud Security

Cloud ready solutions that thwart attacks on public cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2™), private cloud (e.g., VMware™), and hybrid cloud environments.


Integrated real-time monitoring, log-management/archival, and sophisticated analysis and reporting.

Network Access Policy Monitoring

Define and enforce corporate network security policy with continuous monitoring and advanced behavioral network analysis and correlation.

Managed Security Monitoring

Masergy's certified security experts continuously monitor to identify, investigate, and stop threats before they cause material harm.



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