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UCaaS Analyst

  • What is Mean Opinion Score (MOS)?

    In voice telephony the term MOS, or mean opinion score, is a measurement of the quality of human speech at the destination end of the circuit. MOS is a calculation based on performance of the IP network over which it is carried, expressed as a single number in the range of 1 (lowest perceived quality) to 5 (highest perceived quality). In this calculation MOS is a function of CODEC, Latency, Jitter, and Packet Loss. Masergy’s UCaaS Analyst provides MOS for every call that is completed between two end points.

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  • How is Masergy’s UCaaS service different from a Network perspective?

    Masergy’s UCaaS solution is embedded in the fabric of our global private network. What that means is that Masergy has visibility and control over every active component within the network, end-to-end, giving Masergy the unique ability to pinpoint any possible network concerns to help bring faster time to resolution – often before the users experience any issues. This is one of the reasons Masergy’s uptime and service availability is unmatched.

    In fact, Masergy is very transparent about its performance. Masergy provides a real-time UCaaS service monitoring tool to its customers. This tool, called UCaaS Analyst, enables customers to view Mean Opinion Score (MOS), a measure of call quality, for every single call.

  • What is UCaaS Analyst?

    Masergy UCaaS Analyst provides industry-unique performance metrics for our global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) customers. Featuring unlimited end-to-end monitoring of UC endpoints for all subscribed users and services, UCaaS Analysts delivers real time quantitative and qualitative analytics for optimizing enterprise communications.

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  • Who has access to UCaaS Analyst?

    A designated IT Administrator has access to UCaaS Analyst. This Administrator can assign any number of additional users to have access to this information. UCaaS Analyst is integrated into Masergy’s Intelligent Service Control (ISC), delivered from the cloud and available free of charge to all Masergy UCaaS customers.

    All upgrades and enhancements are instantly available to customers without the need to buy new hardware or software licenses. UCaaS Analyst enables customers to proactively solve voice over IP (VoIP) and UC quality issues to minimize downtime and decrease time to resolution.

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