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Call Center Queue

  • What is a Call Center Queue?

    Call Center Queue is virtual container where inbound calls are queued until an available resource can answer the call. Call centers use an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to distribute incoming calls to specific resources (agents) in the center. ACDs hold queued calls in first In, first out order until agents become available. From the caller’s perspective, without virtual queuing they have only two choices: wait until an agent resource becomes available, or abandon (hang up) and try again later. From the call center’s perspective, a long queue results in many abandoned calls, repeat attempts, and customer dissatisfaction.

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  • Is there any Call Center related software to download?

    Masergy remotely delivers and manages Call Center services using cloud resources Unlike premises-based solutions, hosted UC solutions require no hardware to provision, and there is no software to buy or install.

    What’s more, Masergy’s Hosted Call Center services provide centralized management and control that allows supervisors to access and control all resources from within a web browser leveraging Thin clients. There is nothing to download or configure on the local machine. All functionality is delivered natively in a the web browser.

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  • How do supervisors and agents interact with Cell Center software?

    Masergy provides web clients to provide a feature-rich, intuitive interface for workers in busy contact centers, allowing agents and supervisors to quickly and easily manage and monitor incoming calls and queues. Web clients, accessible through any desktop browser, make it possible for users to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

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  • What is a Call Center?

    A Call Center is a software engine that automatically distributes a high volume of telephone calls among trained and qualified agents that can respond to the needs of callers. When all agents are busy helping previous callers, new calls are automatically queued until an agent is available.

    Call Center software engines also provide detailed analytical reports including some vital agent performance metrics to help organizations of any size to maximize employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

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  • Does Masergy provide a Cloud Call Center solution?

    Yes, Masergy offers a fully integrated single Call Center platform that supports any customer environment, from individuals and small groups who may only need simple call distribution and queuing features, to large enterprise call centers that need complex call distribution, Auto Attendants, desktop clients and advanced reporting on queues and agents.

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