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Communicator MyRoom

  • How do I get a new MyRoom Guest Link?

    The Host may refresh the Guest Link by right-clicking on the MyRoom icon in the main widow and then select the Generate New Guest Link option.

  • Is there a guide for Communicator MyRoom?

    Yes, you can find the Communicator MyRoom guide here.

  • How many participants does the Communicator MyRoom support?

    The maximum number of participants is 15.

  • How do I get a new Conference ID?

    A new Conference ID can be provided by Masergy Support.

  • Is the Communicator MyRoom session secure?

    Yes, Masergy Communicator MyRoom is a secured collaboration space where people can meet at any time. The host is assigned a Passcode ID and will be able to control all guest participants as a moderator. The host can send a secure participant link to their guest, and the guest can join via WebRTC enabled browser. The host has mute capabilities as well as the ability to allow desktop share and to dismiss a guest from the session.

  • What if I don’t want to use WebRTC with my browser to join the audio portion? How else can I join a Communicator MyRoom session?

    The host can join a Communicator MyRoom meeting with one-click from Masergy Communicator Desktop, Communicator Mobile, or Connect Mobile clients. Guests who don’t wish to join from a WebRTC-enabled browser can join by phone with global access via PSTN and VoIP audio (dial-in with guest access code).

  • How do I log into my Communicator MyRoom Session?

    Using the Masergy Communicator, the host will simply click on the MyRoom icon to start their MyRoom meeting. Guest participants who are invited to the MyRoom meeting will join the meeting using the guest link in the email invitation. Once a participant signs into the browser session, an invite request is sent to the MyRoom host to allow the guest access to the meeting. The host will accept them giving the guest access to the MyRoom meeting. For the best experience, it is recommended to join using the Google Chrome browser. However, the guests may join with any standard browser. If the guest participant wishes to share their desktop they will need to enable the Masergy Communicator Guest share Chrome extension.

  • Does Masergy offer any type of collaboration using WebRTC?

    Yes, Masergy Communicator MyRoom is a secured collaboration space where people can meet. The Communicator MyRoom offers multiple video conferencing participants incredible interoperability from anywhere, on any device leveraging WebRTC technology. Communicator My Room enables users to seamlessly join a video conference, connecting desktop computers, tablets, room systems, smartphones, softphones and video phones with a consistent user experience.

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