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  • How are ACD call flows built for the Cloud Contact Center?

    All Masergy Cloud Contact Center ACD call routing is built starting with the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) all the way through to connecting the customer to an agent – is defined in the graphical Masergy Cloud Contact Center Call Flow Builder. This makes it easy to set up IVR caller prompts and self-service options. Fetches to a CRM platform or order entry database can be inserted into call flows, so that you can intelligently route and respond to calls based on customer attributes, past interactions and customer needs predicted by Masergy Cloud Contact Center’s analytics-driven routing.

  • What is the difference between a Call Center and a Contact Center?

    A call center only supports one channel for voice calls into the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), whereas a Contact Center supports multiple ACD channels such as voice, email, chat, and social media.

  • What is a Cloud Contact Center?

    To delight your customers, you need tools to analyze customer data and interaction history across channels in real-time to ensure each customer reaches the best available resource. Masergy Cloud Contact Center is an Omni-Channel contact center which seamlessly blends voice, web chat, email, SMS, and social media interactions in one universal contact routing engine with common reporting platform.

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  • Does the Cloud Contact Center support call recording and call monitoring capabilities?

    Yes, Masergy Cloud Contact Center centralizes call quality management regardless of the agent, site or outsourcing partner taking the call. Calls are stored in a hosted repository for long-term archival, replay and analysis. Customizable parameters and tags make for easy search, retrieval and file management.

  • What reporting capabilities are available with the Cloud Contact Center?

    The Masergy Cloud Contact Center supports both standard real-time and historical reporting plus custom reports. Masergy Cloud Contact Center captures all customer interactions and agent activities across channels and integrates them into unified customer interaction and agent activity records that represent all the actions each customer took with the same intent, the related agent activities and final resolutions. This valuable data is available for reporting and to analyze what delivers your business results and how to optimize with Masergy Cloud Contact Center predictive analytics.

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