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UC Training

  • Does Masergy offer UC Training?

    Yes, Masergy does offer UC training for current customers and partners. You can easily request UC training by filling out a short web form

    Request UC Training

  • What topics are covered in Masergy’s UC Training?

    We’re able to provide training on a number of topics:

    • Administration Web Portal
    • Personal Web Portal
    • Call Reports
    • Receptionist Client
    • Call Center Supervisor Client
    • Unity Desktop Client
    • Unity Call Center Agent
    • Unity Call Center Supervisor
    • Communicator Softphone
    • Web Collaborator
    • Polycom IP Telephone Training
    • Many other topics

    Just let us know what you want to cover when requesting UC training via our secure web form and we’ll take care of it.

Visual Auto Attendant

  • How do you create the Visual Automated Attendant?

    By using the VAA Configuration Guide walks you through the process on how to create your business’ VAA for your website. Please review the guide here.

  • Does the Visual Automated Attendant (VAA) support company directories?

    Yes, if you enable the directory option for the VAA, all of your employees will be able to be searched for through the VAA. And if individuals, for example the CEO doesn’t want to found within the directory may be blocked via the Hosted UC Admin portal for complete privacy.

  • Is there a limit on how many menus that may be created for my business’s website?

    No, you have full control via the VAA Admin Portal to create as many drop down menus, assign them to directly call hunt groups, call centers or individuals, within your company for proper call handling during normal business hours. And if after hours, the direct number is displayed to visitor of your website, to call back the direct number during business hours.

  • Do I need to have to write any code to support the VAA creation?

    No, the VAA Admin Portal allows you to create your VAA web button and when you are finished with your VAA design will display the Javascript which can be copied and pasted into your webpage.

  • Does the VAA support time schedules?

    Yes, the VAA can have various schedules created to match your current business hours and easily be assigned to each VAA deployed on a company’s website. The schedules can be easily adjusted by the VAA Admin Portal.

  • Does the Visual Automated Attendant (VAA) have any type of cost?

    No, the Visual Automated Attendant is a free service from Masergy, as long as, the business has an active cloud communications account.

  • Does Masergy offer any type of Automated Attendant for the business web?

    Yes, the Visual Automated Attendant (VAA) enables real time customer interactions directly through the browser initiated from any page on your website. The transition from a webpage visit to a real-time communications experience is seamless, as the visitor is connected to the appropriate resource based on their selection of VAA menu options on your website prior to starting a voice call. The visitor saves time by not having to use a telephone and dialing phone numbers. Moreover, the visitor no longer needs to listen to lengthy automated attendant greetings and making touch tone selections to get connected to the appropriate resource.

Admin Web Portal

  • Does Masergy provide training?

    Masergy provides Full Term online training for End Users, Information Services Network staff, and Operations staff for each location at no additional charge. Each training session is live and led by qualified instructors. Participants are encouraged to interact with the instructor and ask questions. The interactive training sessions are conducted utilizing voice Conference Bridge and Web-Collaboration tools. Onsite training can be provided upon each deployment and is subsequently available per request.

    Email to request training

  • What is the administration Web Portal?

    Masergy provides an administration Web Portal, which allows organizations to perform moves, adds, or changes for any user. Maintaining a company directory, administering hunt groups, or changing a user profile is all possible through the always on web portal.

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  • Who can manage our Unified Communications service?

    Masergy provides a secure administration web portal to allow administrators to have control over all system parameters and easily perform system administrative and management functions on-demand from anywhere. The always-on web portal gives administrators complete centralized control over all system settings and enables them to add, delete, or modify user profiles anywhere, anytime. No additional equipment or software is needed for the system programming and operation.

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  • Who does my moves/adds/changes?

    You are in the driver’s seat with your moves/adds/changes. In the beginning of your Masergy experience we set it all up for you like a full service boutique. And then we train your administrator in whatever they need. Following the initial deployment administrators may continue to leverage Masergy’s support teams to take care of it all – at no extra cost.

    Administrators have the option to manage every aspect of the service through the centralized web-portal without contacting Masergy or they can engage Masergy’s help desk to perform moves, adds, or changes for any user at any time. You may contact support 24/7/365 at or by dialing 611 directly from your Masergy phone or by dialing (800) 942-4700.

Call Recording

  • What is Polycom Local Call Recording?

    Several IP phones such as Polycom VVX-500 or VVX-600 offer a USB port where phone conversations may be recorded on USB Flash Drive and transferred to any computer. To record a call your administrator must first activate this option. Once the service is activated, simply plug ub a USB Flash Drive to the USB port of the phone.

    For more information see USB-Flash Drive Guide.

  • Is Cloud Call Recording on by default?

    No. Cloud Call Recording is an optional service with a fixed monthly fee per user. To activate Cloud Call Recording, please consult with your office administrator. The administrator can add the optional service on a user by user basis from the Admin web portal.

    Alternatively, an authorized representative of your company may call UC support and ask to activate this feature for as many users as required. Once the service is activated all calls for the selected users will be recorded.

    To retrieve calls please see Call Recording Guide

  • What is Cloud Call Recording?

    Cloud Call Recording service records telephone conversations over Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as well as any intra-company calls in a digital audio file format and stores in distributed storage in highly secure data centers.

    Call recording is distinct from call logging and tracking, which record metadata or details about the call but not the conversation. Masergy provides optional Call Recording service that provide both the conversation as well as logging functionality.

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Call Control Clients and Softphones

Unified Communications API

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