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  • Does Masergy provide training?

    Masergy provides Full Term online training for End Users, Information Services Network staff, and Operations staff for each location at no additional charge. Each training session is live and led by qualified instructors. Participants are encouraged to interact with the instructor and ask questions. The interactive training sessions are conducted utilizing voice Conference Bridge and Web-Collaboration tools. Onsite training can be provided upon each deployment and is subsequently available per request.

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  • What is the administration Web Portal?

    Masergy provides an administration Web Portal, which allows organizations to perform moves, adds, or changes for any user. Maintaining a company directory, administering hunt groups, or changing a user profile is all possible through the always on web portal.

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  • Who can manage our Unified Communications service?

    Masergy provides a secure administration web portal to allow administrators to have control over all system parameters and easily perform system administrative and management functions on-demand from anywhere. The always-on web portal gives administrators complete centralized control over all system settings and enables them to add, delete, or modify user profiles anywhere, anytime. No additional equipment or software is needed for the system programming and operation.

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  • Who does my moves/adds/changes?

    You are in the driver’s seat with your moves/adds/changes. In the beginning of your Masergy experience we set it all up for you like a full service boutique. And then we train your administrator in whatever they need. Following the initial deployment administrators may continue to leverage Masergy’s support teams to take care of it all – at no extra cost.

    Administrators have the option to manage every aspect of the service through the centralized web-portal without contacting Masergy or they can engage Masergy’s help desk to perform moves, adds, or changes for any user at any time. You may contact support 24/7/365 at or by dialing 611 directly from your Masergy phone or by dialing (800) 942-4700.

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