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Call Recording

  • What is Polycom Local Call Recording?

    Several IP phones such as Polycom VVX-500 or VVX-600 offer a USB port where phone conversations may be recorded on USB Flash Drive and transferred to any computer. To record a call your administrator must first activate this option. Once the service is activated, simply plug ub a USB Flash Drive to the USB port of the phone.

    For more information see USB-Flash Drive Guide.

  • Is Cloud Call Recording on by default?

    No. Cloud Call Recording is an optional service with a fixed monthly fee per user. To activate Cloud Call Recording, please consult with your office administrator. The administrator can add the optional service on a user by user basis from the Admin web portal.

    Alternatively, an authorized representative of your company may call UC support and ask to activate this feature for as many users as required. Once the service is activated all calls for the selected users will be recorded.

    To retrieve calls please see Call Recording Guide

  • What is Cloud Call Recording?

    Cloud Call Recording service records telephone conversations over Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as well as any intra-company calls in a digital audio file format and stores in distributed storage in highly secure data centers.

    Call recording is distinct from call logging and tracking, which record metadata or details about the call but not the conversation. Masergy provides optional Call Recording service that provide both the conversation as well as logging functionality.

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