Can I modify port bandwidth and service planes via the ISC portal?

All of Masergy’s Intelligent Connectivity Services come standard with Intelligent Service Control (ISC). This secure application, accessible via web and mobile applications, provides full control and visibility into your network. Administrators can change bandwidth levels, port size, and service planes in real time as computing requirements demand. Port bandwidth modifications can also be scheduled via the ISC portal.

The following constraints apply to port bandwidth and service plane modifications:

  • The port must be modifiable – i.e., the circuit is not bonded and the parent VLAN has sufficient capacity.
  • Circuits up to GigE capacity are supported; Masergy PoP limitations are enforced.
  • New bandwidth cannot be less than contract bandwidth.
  • Critical, Video, and Voice QoS service planes are modifiable – Normal, Limited, and Priority service planes are not.
  • Port bandwidth plus bandwidth allocated across all QoS service planes cannot exceed total circuit capacity.