How do I modify port bandwidth?

To modify port bandwidth via the portal:

  1. Log in to the ISC portal as an Administrator.
  2. Choose Services.
  3. Choose Summary.
  4. Click on the site link to to display the Site Services page.
  5. Click the Modify link that corresponds to the port you want to modify.
  6. On the Modify Service page, click the Modify Tier link.
  7. On the Modify Service Tier page, click Modify Bandwidth.
  8. In the Add Event popup:
    1. Choose a modification Type.
      Realtime – upgrade or downgrade port bandwidth immediately and keep it at the new rate indefinitely. When this option is selected, the Select Begin and End Time panel will be grayed out.
      Scheduled – begin the bandwidth modification at a specific day and time and optionally end at a specific day and time. At the end of the scheduled event, the bandwidth for the selected port will revert to the previous rate. Check the No End Date option if you want to retain the new bandwidth rate indefinitely.
    2. Use the slider to select the new desired bandwidth and verify the new rate.
      As you move the slider, the bandwidth and pricing information are updated, based on the new rate.
    3. If this is a Scheduled event, set a begin date and time then set an end date and time, or check the No End Date option.
    4. Click Submit.
  9. In the Confirmation popup window, verify event details and click OK.
  10. Once you click OK, the Modify Services page displays summary information for the newly created event.