How do I modify service plane bandwidth via the ISC portal?

Through the ISC portal, an Administrator can modify bandwidth for Voice, Video, and Critical service planes.

The sum of the network bandwidth and the bandwidth allocated across all service planes cannot be greater than the total circuit capacity. If all of the available bandwidth capacity has been allocated, then the port and service plane bandwidth will not be modifiable.

To modify Service Plane bandwidth from the ISC portal:

  1. Log in to the ISC portal as an Administrator.
  2. Choose Services.
  3. Choose Summary.
  4. Click the link in the Site column that corresponds to the bundle to be modified.
  5. On the Site Services page scroll down to the Service Planes section and click the Modify button that corresponds to the service plane to be modified (Critical, Video, or Voice).
  6. On the Modify Service page, click the Modify Service Plane link, if available.
  7. On the Modify Service Plane page, use the slider to modify the bandwidth cap for the service plane, then click Continue.
  8. To complete the change, verify the new bandwidth and pricing and click Submit.