Masergy’s fully hosted model allows users in USA and Canada to call either 911 to reach an emergency response center. All subscribers have access to Enhanced 911 (E911) service. With E911 service, when registered users dial 911, they reach the Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) associated with their registered address. Emergency operators have access to the phone number and may call back if necessary. Masergy will present the appropriate geographical location of each user to the PSAP.

We register the initial address of each phone extension at the time of deployment. Moreover, we’ve implemented a way for each user to be able to update their address securely through a web-portal at any time. All calling activities including E911 calls are captured in the Call Detail Records (CDRs) and may be viewed later through the Call Reports portal.

Please contact sales@masergy.com for information regarding emergency service availability outside of USA and Canada.

Users and groups are responsible for registering their numbers and addresses with E911. They are also responsible for updating the address when a phone moves. You can call customer service to get all the help you need, but the customer is responsible for keeping the data up to date.

Group Registrations

As an administrator you can register many numbers and addresses at once.

Personal Registration

As a user you can login to register your own phone.

How to

Registering with E911

The first time you log in, to the Personal Web Portal, you must register your address with E911.

  • Simply click the E911 link. (Top Right)
  • Enter your User ID and Password (The same as above.)
  • Click Login
  • Read the Disclaimer. If you accept, click Accept.
  • Click “I want to change my current address”.
  • Type in the address where you will be using the phone. Click Validate Address.
  • Click Confirm Address.

When you see “Your address has been successfully updated.” you are complete and can close the window. If you change the physical location of the phone, simply login and change the address online. We advise you call 911 only when it is registered with the current address. Please call customer service or attend one of our online trainings. For details email your request for E911 training with your availability to uctraining@masergy.com